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Contact Center Software Solutions Built for a Connected World

Simplicity. That what's makes Vocalcom contact center software so different. Today customer’s want fast, personalized, and effective service on every channel and every device—anytime, anywhere. And they want their service experience with your compagny to be one thing : EFFORTLESS. Connect, and empower your workforce with Vocalcom contact center software to drive customer satisfaction, improve Net Promoter Score, and reduce support costs. Vocalcom's Contact Center Software, is leading the next-generation of cloud contact center software enabling thousands of contact centers worldwide to make delivering service effortless for agents while providing effortless customer experiences. Discover how our full-suite of cloud contact center software solutions can streamline your operations and transform service from a cost center to an opportunity center by connecting customer data, systems, and service channels on a single contact center platform.

Contact Center Software Evolves to the Web: the Ideal Agent WorkSpace

  • Greater flexibility at a fraction of the cost. As the primary hub of customer interactions, the contact center is the strategic nerve center of your customer experience strategy. Vocalcom Contact Center Software enables end-to-end management of the customer experience by unifying customer data, contextual knowledge, and interaction channels. Your agents are equipped to consistently deliver the very best in customer experiences across channels.
  • Contact center system with multiple channels. With Vocalcom contact center solution, your agents gain a single integrated platform to deliver outstanding support across all channels, wherever customers turn for service. Empower agents to deliver better experiences across channels with Vocalcom's contact center software.
  • Full Contact Center Software Solution. Service and support agents are much more productive when the information and tools they need are consolidated in a single spot. Our contact center software app lets agents reduce the length of calls and increase first-call resolutions, in a personalized, loyalty-enhancing way.
  • Accessibility by Disabled Employees The Vocalcom contact center software is compatible with JAWS screen reading software; and upon customer request, Vocalcom will make minor script modifications to the Vocalcom contact center system without charge, subject to a limit of two hours of professional service time, to enable JAWS to better meet the customer’s needs.

Contact Center Software with a Single Customer View.

  • Faster, Smarter Customer Service. Responses don’t just need to be right; they need to be quick. With a single-click user interface, screen pops with data and context, and powerful multi-channel tools, our contact center software offers a 360° customer view and everything you need to speed up support, sales, and telemarketing activities.
  • Ultimate Agent Workspace. The agent web app can automatically present a complete view to agents with helpful guided prompts and related solutions to help agents deliver in-depth response for customers with half the number of clicks and without much navigation. With Vocalcom Cloud Contact Center Software, even new agents can resolve issues as fast as seasoned pros—As a result, reduced training costs and faster onboarding.
  • Serve Your Customers Through their Preferred Channels. Vocalcom contact center software turns any Web browser into the ultimate agent tool. The Vocalcom Contact Center Software application makes it easy and faster to communicate with your customers via their preferred channel with minimal customer effort. All of this is delivered with the simplicity and functionality required by a modern contact center.
  • Beautifully flexible Contact Center System. Happy, empowered employees deliver better customer experiences. The Vocalcom Contact Center Software empowers agents with interaction history and context needed to maximize first contact resolution, meet mobile customer expectations, improve web site support, optimize cross-sell revenue, and improve customer loyalty./li>

Agent Productivity Features for Contact Center Management

  • Contact Center Software. More Efficient. More Responsive. Here’s a key Vocalcom innovation you won’t find in ordinary contact center software. Manage your contact center software with minimal IT involvement which means reduced operational costs, greater agility, and better flexibility.
  • No Hardware. No Software. Designed for the Cloud. Vocalcom contact center software platform runs in the cloud as Software as a service which means there’s no need to buy hardware or software, predictable monthly costs, no upgrades or maintenance fees. You pay only for what you use, and are up-to-date with the latest contact center applications while leaving your IT ressources free.
  • Simple, Flexible Contact Center Solution. Vocalcom contact center software has become the cloud contact center software choice for any business operations that require a high level of trust, functionality and flexibility. With our cloud contact center solution, you can rapidly scale up or down, meet seasonality and growth needs, customize applications, and deploy on a global basis.
  • A single Contact Center Platform Across All Your Locations. Vocalcom Contact Center Software let you integrate remote offices, at-home agent, globally distributed workforces, multi-site locations, and outsourced locations so they operate seamlessly. Get the most productive and cost-effective agent arrangement for your business while connecting the next generation of apps, devices, and customers.

Agent Productivity Features for Contact Center Performance

  • Customized Views for Contact Center Agents. With outdated contact center software, agent desk elements can’t be resized to optimize individual views. Your agents can easily optimize with the Vocalcom Contact Center Software. Administrators can also design agents layouts to include the most helpful supporting information for various business processes.
  • Faster Case Resolution. Accelerate your business with cutting-edge contact center technology that delivers superior performance. For a deeper and more thorough understanding of a customer’s interactions with your service organization, Vocalcom’s contact center software can display at-a-glance case histories in the agent interface.
  • No Data Silos. Vocalcom’s contact center software stores all customer information in a single database, giving agents a full customer history across sales, marketing, and support. Our contact center solution easily integrates with other enterprise applications. It has a highly customizable user interface that can be tailored matching to individual end-user roles, or channels. With centralized management and reporting, you can continuously improve the customer experiences.
  • Customer Insight. Vocalcom contact center software deliver a single view, and turn data into valuable customer insight. Instead of relying on historical data, analytical tools can predict an individual's savability, meaning you can engage proactively your customers and focus your efforts where it will have a positive impact - improving campaign ROI.
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The Ultimate Contact Center Software

Enter the effortless contact center software, designed from the ground up to make your agents more productive and connect with your customers in entirely new ways. The effortless contact center agent console is an intuitive interface that will let your agents respond to all support channels from the Phone to Facebook from one place - View all videos demo library

Contact Center Software
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A single sign-on to orchestrate voice and digital interactions across social networks, websites, and mobile devices
+41% Increase in
agent productivity
+37% Faster first
contact resolution
+20% Reduce in
handling time
+34% Increase in
customer satisfaction

[Customer Satisfaction has Never Been Easier]

Customers want fast resolution without bouncing around channels. Vocalcom makes it possible by connecting customers wherever they are

Provide Enjoyable Service: Deliver Frictionless Customer Experiences

Vocalcom contact center software provides unique capabilities that foster personalized customer engagement across channels and touchpoints on an unprecedented scale. The solution allows inbound, outbound or blended contact centers to operate efficiently across multiple channels, with all-in-one reporting, and out of the box CRM integration. All while delivering fast customer service.

Cloud-Based Contact Center Software

Build Amazing Multi-Channel Hub
for All Your Customer Interactions

Vocalcom's Contact Center Software makes your agents more productive, bringing all your customer conversations into one place—the agent console is an intuitive interface that enable your agents to move seamlessly between voice calls, emails, live chat, social media, and mobile care—in a unified agent experience. Your team is going to love it— Make it Easier for Your Customers.

Contact Center Solution: Cross-Channel service
[Make Service Easy]

Allow for effortless and connected interactions across all customer touch points—It's your best bet for success today

Turn Mobile Customer Service into a Competitive Weapon

Empower agents to deliver personalized customer experience, decrease customer care response time, and achieve customer service excellence. Learn how mobile devices are revolutionizing the way customer connect to your business. Vocalcom contact center software takes the concept of effortless interactions to the next level—Powering the next generation contact center

Contact Center Software: Mobile Customer Engagement

Anticipate Customer Needs Through Proactive Customer Communications

The ideal, no-hassle solution for proactive customer engagement, telemarketing, telesales, and collections. Unlike other providers of proactive outbound solutions, Vocalcom deeply integrates predictive, preview or progressive dialing, email and SMS messaging. The solution intelligently automates multi-channel customer interactions according to contact strategy—The Best Options to Bring Productivity to the Max.

Predictive Dialer Software

Now You Can Run Your Entire Contact Center Into Salesforce

Less Hassle. More Control. Connect, interact and engage with your customers in meaningful new ways. Vocalcom edition for Salesforce takes full advantage of the Salesforce platform in order to seamlessly integrate a robust set of contact center features into Salesforce itself. Entirely built-in Salesforce for better control, and greater customer engagements . An All-in-one Customer Engagement Center.

Native Contact Center Software for Salesforce
[Run Your Entire Contact Center in the Cloud]
Personalized, fast and easy service for your customers on every channel, and every device—is already happening
  • DMEautomotive , Randolph Herron, CIC Technology Manager : The software is very well-made. The Vocalcom contact center software is very user-friendly and functional. Our case manager has been wonderful going through everything with us,...
This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship
(Trust us, it's worth it)
  • MAGIC QUADRANT 2014 , for Contact Center Infrastructure :

    Vocalcom's Cloud Edition offering demonstrates Vocalcom's visionary and early-to-market approach for the next generation of cloud architecture. Vocalcom's Cloud platform is a visionary Amazon Web Services (AWS) deployment model. Furthermore, via salesforce.com, Vocalcom offers the Salesforce Edition.

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A global leader in contact center software solutions with over 550,000 users at leading brands
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Providing effortless customer experiences is the fastest path to build customer loyalty and increase profits