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All-in-one Contact center software designed to make your agent more productive and consistently deliver the very best in customer experience. The effortless contact center software from Vocalcom, is leading the next-generation of contact center software solutions, delivering exciting new capabilities to thousands of companies worldwide at a fraction of the cost. In contrast to conventional contact center software, you are freed from the ongoing expenses, & headaches of running IT infrastructure for contact center software. Your agents can be located anywhere in the world and the Vocalcom contact center software is so easy to customize and use, your contact center can be up and running in hours.

Contact Center Software: A Single Sign-On. Effortless. All-In-One!.

  • Greater flexibility at a fraction of the cost. The success of your business depends on the customer experience. You need a contact center solution that makes it exceptional. Vocalcom Contact Center Software has best-in-class capabilities delivered with simplicity that radically enhance sales effectiveness and customer experiences with limited IT support
  • Contact Center Software Management. Vocalcom Contact Center Software applies rules-based routing and orchestration, integrating all interactions into a unified view of the customer—that includes , real-time contextual routing, personalized queuing, call scripting, web collaboration tools, visual IVR, WebRTC, mobile app services with context delivered to agents with calls, proactive notifications and surveys, auto dialer and predictive dialing, call & screnn recording, real-time monitoring, end-to-end reports, and much more.
  • Your Customer Engagement Hub. An Agent’s One-Stop Shop. Service and support agents are much more productive when the information and tools they need are consolidated in a single spot. Our contact center software lets agents reduce the length of calls and increase first-call resolutions. By arming agents with relevant information, our contact center software system equips them to solve customer issues in a single interaction, in a personalized, loyalty-enhancing way.
  • Contact Center Software: See More...Manage Smarter Great just isn't good enough. Vocalcom contact center software capture, route, manage, orchestrate, and report on inbound and outbound customer interactions of all types, regardless of channel - improving the effectiveness and the profitabliity of customer interactions. It has a highly customizable user interface that can be tailored according to individual end-user roles, or channels. With centralized management and reporting, you can continuously improve the customer experiences.
  • Accessibility by Disabled Employees The Vocalcom contact center software is compatible with JAWS screen reading software; and upon customer request, Vocalcom will make minor script modifications to the Vocalcom contact center system without charge, subject to a limit of two hours of professional service time, to enable JAWS to better meet the customer’s needs.

Contact Center Management with a Single Customer View.

  • Faster, Smarter Customer Service. Responses don’t just need to be right; they need to be quick. With a single-click user interface, and powerful multi-channel tools, our contact center software offers a 360° customer view. Whisper messages and screen pops deliver data and context-rich with the interaction to improve efficiency—so agents can dramatically speed up support, sales, and telemarketing activities—resulting in fast customer service, & Awesome customer experiences.
  • Ultimate Agent Application. Customers reach out from many places. With Vocalcom cloud contact center, you can respond from one. The agent web-based app can automatically present a complete view to agents with helpful guided prompts and related solutions to help agents deliver in-depth response for customers with half the number of clicks and without much navigation. With Vocalcom contact center software, even new agents can resolve issues as fast as seasoned pros—As a result, reduced training costs and faster onboarding.
  • Serve Your Customers Through their Preferred Channels. Vocalcom contact center software turns any Web browser into the ultimate agent tool. The Vocalcom Contact Center Software application makes it easy and faster to communicate with your customers via their preferred channel with minimal customer effort, while radically improving the effectiveness and the profitability of every customer interaction. All of this is delivered with the simplicity and functionality required by a modern contact center.
  • Beautiful, flexible Contact Center Applications. Happy, empowered employees deliver better customer experiences. The Vocalcom Contact Center Software empowers agents with interaction history and context needed to maximize first contact resolution, meet mobile customer expectations, improve web site support, optimize cross-sell revenue, and improve customer loyalty. The Vocalcom Contact Center Software, provides everything you need to delight your customer with a modern, personalized, and effective customer service.
  • Maximizing Contact Center Productivity. Vocalcom provides proven high-performance contact center software can cut training costs by up to 30%, decrease handle time by 25%, increase first contact resolution by 37%, agent productivity by 40%, and customer retention by 34%. It also improves employee satisfaction and results, and reduces the cost of operations through efficiency gains. Vocalcom contact center software introduce effective cost reduction with a headcount savings as high as 40%.

Contact Center Solutions: Faster Customer Service Through Efficiency Gains

  • Contact Center Software. More Efficient. More Responsive. Here’s a key Vocalcom innovation you won’t find in ordinary contact center software. Manage your contact center software with minimal IT involvement which means reduced operational costs. In today's environment of heightened customer expectations, enterprises must be adaptable and responsive. The contact center needs—more agile, and be optimized for improved performance.
  • No Hardware. No Software. Designed for the Cloud. Vocalcom contact center software platform runs in the cloud as Software as a service which means there’s no need to buy, maintain or upgrade hardware or software, high scalability, predictable monthly costs, no upgrades or maintenance fees, so you can immediately explore every feature we offer as you need it. You pay only for what you use, and are up-to-date with the latest contact center applications while leaving your IT ressources free. A Cloud delivery model that you can host in your data center or enjoy from our optimized cloud infrastructure.
  • Simple, Flexible Contact Center Solution. Vocalcom contact center software has become the cloud contact center software choice for any business operations that require a high level of trust, functionality and flexibility. With our cloud-based contact center solution, you can rapidly scale up or down, meet seasonality and growth needs, customize applications, and deploy on a global basis. Vocalcom contact center software flexibility enables us to tailor a solution that meets your specific business needs.
  • A single Contact Center Platform Across All Your Locations. Vocalcom Contact Center Software let you integrate remote offices, at-home agent, globally distributed workforces, multi-site locations, and outsourced locations so they operate seamlessly, enabling you to enhance the profitability of every customer interaction. Get the most productive and cost-effective agent arrangement for your business while connecting the next generation of apps, devices, and customers.

Contact Center Software for Optimal Customer Engagement.

  • Customized Views for Contact Center Agents. With outdated contact center software, agent desk elements can’t be resized to optimize individual views. Your agents can easily optimize with the Vocalcom contact center solution. Administrators can also design agents layouts to include the most helpful supporting information for various business processes. You don’t have to be a big contact center to deliver a great customer experience!
  • Faster Case Resolution. Accelerate your business with cutting-edge contact center technology that delivers superior performance. For a deeper and more thorough understanding of a customer’s interactions with your service organization, Vocalcom’s contact center software can display at-a-glance case histories in the agent console.
  • Multichannel Contact Center Integration. To put together a multichannel contact center with traditional contact center software, you’ll need to interconnect a host of technologies from multiple vendors—a costly, complex, and risky proposition. With Vocalcom’s contact center software solution, your agents gain a single integrated application to deliver great, consistent and personalized experiences across every channels and touchpoints.
  • All-In-One Contact Center Software for No Data Silos. Vocalcom’s contact center software stores all customer information in a single database, giving agents a full customer history across sales, marketing, and support. Our contact center solution easily integrates with other enterprise applications.
  • Customer Insight. Vocalcom contact center software deliver a single view, and turn data into valuable customer insight. Instead of relying on historical data, analytical tools can predict an individual's savability, meaning you can engage proactively your customers and focus your efforts where it will have a positive impact - improving campaign ROI.

Agent Productivity Features for Contact Center Management

  • Personalized Experiences. Mobile devices provide a constant touch point with a business. With Vocalcom contact center software, you can engage with your customer in a whole new way leveraging WebRtc and rich-interactions to add confidence and trust to the whole experience. Overall, contact centers will be able to provide outstanding personalized customer experiences, reduce customer handle time, and increase productivity through highly empowered agents.
  • Agent WorkSpace. Customers get faster satisfy when they can speak to someone with relevant expertise. Vocalcom’s contact center software makes this connection happen with an array of sophisticated queuing tools. Flexible management features let individual agents and groups review, escalate, and route customer inquiries to the most appropriate agent or resource.
  • Knowledge Management. Up-to-the-minute accuracy. In these economic times cost reduction is paramount. Our contact center software solution makes it easy for agents to tap into organization-wide knowledge and expertise. Vocalcom’s knowledge base technology provides the most useful information from all parts of the enterprise, so agents can hone in on the best, most relevant answers to customer questions.
  • Contact Center Software Widgets. Strengthen customer loyalty, increase revenue, and cut costs. With conventional contact center software, search algorithms need expert, continuous modification and recalibration to stay current with the latest data and trends. But with Vocalcom’s contact center software solution, knowledge analytics and widgets make it easy to keep your information up to date.
  • Activity Management. Every organisation that operates a contact center can benefit from a visual, interactive real-time performance and operational monitoring. The Vocalcom contact center software keep your agents organized and focused on speeding resolutions. Unlike conventional contact center software, our contact center solution makes it easy for agents to solve challenging customer issues by identifying and collaborating with other agents and staff.
  • Service Quality Analysis. Vocalcom’s contact center software delivers yet greater flexibility: tools to identify service trends and proactively adapt processes and workflows to the needs of your customers and organization. Our contact center solution provides a real-time window into operations, with critical metrics such as response times, handle time, first-contact resolution rates, and much more.
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Deliver great customer service everywhere-From your call center to the web and social media. Vocalcom contact center software enhance the effectiveness of every customer interactions, with unmatched speed, simplicity and manageability - View all videos demo library

Contact Center Software
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  • FLOW ENERGY , Shaun Underwood, CMO :

    By far best contact center software provider! Since deploying Vocalcom, we significantly improve agent productivity and the effectiveness of every customer interaction—Agents, handle multiple contacts simultaneously and quickly access customer information. Users love it and we are very satisfied.

  • UPS , Naef Al-Kulaji :

    With Vocalcom all is included. It’s all in one place — I was especially impressed that Vocalcom strives to offer enterprise level features at a fairly affordable rate — At a moment’s notice, we can design and deploy new campaigns and report results immediately. I strongly recommend this solution.

  • IKEA , Stanley Kuruvilla : Solid Reliability. Total Flexibility. Simply Powerful. The best all-in-one contact center that ties together all customer communication channels and really designed to enhance social and mobile customer interactions. You don't know what you're missing!
  • McDonald's , Prakash Rao : We are thrilled with the flexibility, customization, ease of use and the capabilities provided by Vocalcom platform. It really has enhanced our services and responses time as well as the customer experience we provide.
  • DIGITEX , José Luis Moral : Our business has grown dramatically since we switched to Vocalcom with an incredible efficiency. Exceptional product and customer service and it is a game-changing app. We highly recommend them to anyone
  • SAGE , Fernando Galvache : We did it! We change a ""plane’s motor" in the middle of a flight with limited IT support and get an improvement of productivity of 39%, on first contact resolution of 41%, and we increase our NPS by 37%. Highly recommended.
  • TELEPERFORMANCE , Frederic Pouhet : Vocalcom predictive dialer is a must have for any organization that makes outbound phone calls. We went from 30 calls/day per rep to 100 - 125+ /day. Contact rates went up over 100%, and the list goes on.
  • HYUNDAI , Maher Mustafa : Vocalcom helps us stay light-years ahead of the competition by creating meaningful, real time connections with our customers. We increase customer loyalty by providing an exceptional customer experience on every mobile device at every interaction.
  • MARKETLINK , Kourtney Keough : A fantastically innovative cloud contact center provider. Vocalcom have shown a real desire to listen and act upon feedback and future enhancements. It’s why we foresee a successful, long-term relationship.
  • SYNDIC+ , Michel Jarleton : Entirely embedded in Salesforce, Vocalcom has been very easy to use and extremely effective at driving customer engagement. I rarely give perfect marks but this company actually deserves it
  • ATENTO , Laurent Baychelier : Vocalcom has been one of the best investments our firm has made. Since deploying Vocalcom's contact center software, business has quadrupled. Support has always been very responsive when engaged.
  • ONE TOUCH DIRECT , Joseph Moloughney : Vocalcom is by far the best and the most reliable system I have ever used. Since switching over to Vocalcom we have increased our agent productivity by about 35% and increased our profitability by about 41%.
[Customer Engagement Hub for a Connected World]
Contact center software that foster personalized enagement with customers across all interaction channels
+41% Increase in
agent productivity
+37% Faster first
contact resolution
+20% Reduce in
handling time
+34% Increase in
customer satisfaction

Amaze your Customers and Make your Agents More Productive

Build powerful customer connections, bringing intuitive mobile customer experience to life. Vocalcom customer engagement hub revolutionize the way consumers can access and interact with your business over their mobile, creating new opportunities for additional sales and incredible customer experiences—We have an app for that!

Seamlessly Integrate Inbound and Outbound Customer Interactions

Introducing the single, integrated agent desktop for modern and faster multichannel customer service. Vocalcom blended solution creates a dynamic workflow integrating inbound & outbound customer interactions regardeless of the channel, in a streamlined and unified agent interface. Your team is going to love it—Sell Smarter, Serve Better, and Know More.

Experience the World's Effortless Proactive Contact Center Software

Connect, interact, engage, with your customers in meaningful new ways. The Vocalcom Edition for Salesforce unleashes the full power of the cloud to deliver revolutionary customer service across every channel, and over any device. Entirely built-in Salesforce, secure, reliable, massively scalable, communication-rich, and user-focused — Grow Faster. Engage Every Customer. Anytime. Anywhere.

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