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Browse and connect instantly with your visitors online through chat, voice, or targeted offers wherever they are - website, mobile, or tablet!

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  • Web Customer Service - Chat is a faster and more personal way to connect with your customers

    Web Contact Center Solution

    Chat is a faster and more personal way to connect with your customers

    Vocalcom brings a better chat experience to you & your customers

    Increase Customer Satisfaction while Reducing Costs. Vocalcom powers a powerful, yet easy-to-use website applications, and a complete set of tools to engage your customers online in real-time - Live chat, Video chat, click-to-call, web call back, assisted navigation and WebRTC — all in the same beautifully simple Vocalcom interface you call home.

    Consumers are always connected. Vocalcom technology allows you to engage consumers on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. According to Forrester, while 72% of customers prefer using a company’s website to answer their questions, only 52% found the information they needed online. Live chat allows you to interact with your website visitors in real time. Improve visitor satisfaction and maximize online sales. Invite browsing visitors to live chat either automatically or manually with proactive chat invitations. TheWave Lets visitors interact with you in the way they prefer, while they are on your website. Live chat solutions efficiently deliver the help your website visitors want, in the channel they prefer. A visitor can ask contextual questions, and your agent can respond exactly to the point, because both are looking at the same web page in real time. Impress users by offering the first live video chat solution!

  • Go social and mobile - just like your customers

    Proactively engage your customers on your website

    Bring your support/sales team to your clients. Live assistance: Proactive chat, reactive chat, and click-to-call target customers who've exhausted online resources to engage with knowledgeable agents to resolve their inquiry and to proactively target those growth and retention opportunities. Every chat is a new opportunity

    44% of consumers consider having live assistance during conversion to be one of the most important features of a web site. TheWave multiple ways to engage live agents, including proactive chat, chat on damand, exit chat, web call back, click-to-call and video chat. better yet, Targeted Offers are a great way to present current promotional activity, complimentary products and next best offers to existing customers, providing up and cross-sell opportunities that drive additional account revenue, as well as targeting retention offers to those customers with a high propensity to churn score. Targeted Offers can route customers to content pages, directly to a skilled agent or integrated with Automated Guide functionality to drive additional self-service engagements.

    Web Customer Service - Go social and mobile - just like your customers
  • Web Customer Service - Chat is built for speed

    Chat is built for speed

    You can resolve customer issues 7x faster via chat than through email

    Increase Customer Satisfaction while Reducing Costs. Vocalcom enables businesses to provide higher levels of service while decreasing handling costs by as much as 80%. Improved First Contact Resolution and next call Prevention which reduces ecare costs. Visitors want Live assistance whenever it's convenient for them.

    Exceed your customer expectations with a Multichannel Web Customer Service! There's never been a better way to maximize online sales and customer satisfaction. Click-to-call, enable visitors to complete conversions online assisted by phone support where the agent can see customer navigational details before, during, and after the phone conversation. In addition, invite-to-call and chat transfer-to-call with full transcript hand-off capabilities with Internet calling (VOIP) or non-VOIP compatibility ensures a smooth transition from one interaction channel to another. The goal of the Vocalcom online Customer Support solution is not only to map out the tactical elements of the consumer’s account management journey, but the sometime more important emotional journey to ensure you’ve met your customer’s needs as they join your customer base and set them up for a low cost, high value long-term relationship. It has never been easier to see what an impact Vocalcom video live chat can make! Get your free trial and see how simple it is to engage your customers and drive results.

Vocalcom Call Center Solutions | Web Contact Center | Vocalcom Vocalcom Web Collaboration with Live Chat Customer Service drive online sales, generate quality leads, and provide exceptional service at a lower cost and lets you add online channels to customer interactions while enjoying an integrated platform http://www.vocalcom.com/en/Call-Center-Solutions-Web-Contact-Center-Solution
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