Interview with Fraunhofer [email protected]

Interview with Fraunhofer IDM@NTU

Interview with Fraunhofer [email protected]

Interviewee: Dr Antonio Feraco, Assistant Director of Technology, Transfer and Innovation, Fraunhofer [email protected] Questions: - Pertaining to Asian markets, do you see Big Data playing a more central role in the development of one's marketing strategies? - The management is typically concerned with the huge investment costs from Big Data. How should a firm believer of Big Data justify the ROI to their management? - How can organisations implement a cost-effective Big Data strategy?

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A Closer Look at Why Complexity is Today's Biggest Multi-Channel Challenge

If you’re involved in the contact center industry, you’ve most likely heard the customer request for multi-channel customer service; however, 40 percent of companies aren’t hearing their customers clearly. According to Econsultancy’s Multi-Channel Customer Experience Report, 40 percent of organizations say that complexity prevents them from improving their multi-channel service or from considering more advanced call center applications, solutions and...
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