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Increase conversion rates by 30% providing live chat support and switching to a more efficient channel to close the sale, like Live Video Chat

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  • Live Video Chat for Call Center
  • Live Chat Software for Call Centers - <h3>Turn Browsing into Sales and Boost revenue by helping customers online</h3>

    Live Chat Software for Call Centers

    Turn Browsing into Sales and Boost revenue by helping customers online

    Sell more through efficiency gains and online customer engagement

    Multi-media engagement solutions like real-time video chat, increase conversions, average order values, and leads. Businesses that use Vocalcom typically see a 20% increase in conversions and a 35% increase in average order values. Video chat with e-shoppers. Start talking to your e-shoppers an let your sales people deliver a live shop experience!

    By aligning your engagements with expected visitor value, Vocalcom is able to deliver the most cost-effective type of engagement through chat, voice, or targeted offers. Connect wherever your customers are - website, mobile, or tablet! Vocalcom Proactive Engagement matches your prospective customers with the best person at the precise moment when intervention means the difference between an abandoned shopping cart and a new customer. Customer behaviors trigger chat at appropriate times. With the Best-in-Class Conversion Solutions you understand their purchasing patterns to close the sale and increase product sales and average order value by up to 30% targeting the rights visitors. Whether the goal is to assist, sell, or inform customers, the proactive chat will correctly engages visitors to increase conversion and reduce abandonment. Better yet, by leveraging Vocalcom's built-in WebRTC Click-to-call or Web callback capabilities, you can reach out to valuable online visitors within seconds, increase your conversion rates, and get the most out of your website traffic. Drive conversions and higher order value by delivering fast and efficient support to your customers. Transform more visits into sales.

  • Chat with your customers in real time via text, audio or video chat

    There is nothing more engaging than a face-to-face conversation

    Improve Click-Through Rates and Reduce Bounce Rates By engaging search traffic with personalized offers, clients typically see conversion increases of over 25%. Instant connection with a person who can help Vocalcom enables you to connect and engage with your customers 24/7.

    Consumers abandon sites after an average of only three clicks. Target the customers who are ready to check out. Engage consumers throughout the online experience and dramatically improves conversion rates as a result. A primary driver for online abandonment is an inability to answer consumer questions quickly. 57% of consumers are likely to abandon online conversions without rapid responses to questions. Engage Before Visitors Abandon by text, audio or video chat. Build amazing relationship with your customers. Because your web site is exactlly like a shop, you can’t replace your sales people by a simple urn (contact form) or a cash register. Customers often leave sites at critical conversion points. Reduce abandonment by offering visitors an Exit chat to interact with a live agent or to take advantage of an exit offer. Shopping experience is transformed by a face, a voice and a smile. No need to hire new employees to start a dialogue with e-shoppers. Turn current employees into available sales agents.

    Live Chat Software for Call Centers - <h3>Chat with your customers in real time via text, audio or video chat</h3>
  • Live Chat Software for Call Centers - <h3>Offer an immediate call back and get more visitors talking to your sales</h3>

    Offer an immediate call back and get more visitors talking to your sales

    The web is going social, connect with your visitors and drive more traffic

    Are you missing out on a huge opportunity? Start creating meaningful, real-time connections that drive more profitable revenue streams from your digital channels. Drive new and repeat business with customers. Lets visitors interact with you in the way they prefer, while they are on your website.

    Prevent shopping cart abandonment and decrease significantly the handle time with a smooth channel transition - Call-me-back or Click-to-call, enable visitors to complete conversions online assisted by phone support where the agent can see customer navigational details before, during, and after the phone conversation. In addition, invite-to-call and chat transfer-to-call with full transcript hand-off capabilities with Internet calling VOIP or SIP compatibility ensures a smooth transition from one interaction channel to another. There's never been a better way to maximize online sales and customer satisfaction. Better yet, by a simple click your online visitors allows you to connect with their social network and directly post new offers. Smart companies are becoming more responsive and agile - leveraging the network effect by using social media to win new business, boost loyalty, and keep businesses booming. The authenticity and personal connection facilitated by social media sites allows you opportunities to form a strong bond directly with new leads - Actually phenomenal - Convert More Sales, Faster.

Vocalcom Live Chat Software for Call Centers Our Live Chat software drive online sales, generate quality leads, and provide exceptional service at a lower cost. Call Center Live Chat Software enables you to connect and engage with your customers 24/7 http://www.vocalcom.com/en/live-chat-software-for-call-center
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