How Would You Describe Your Company?

Is your business creative? Innovative? Visionary? The way that you describe your core competencies should essentially be what is driving your call center operations.U.K.-based Flow Energy, an energy supplier, describes itself as exciting. The company came to the market with a unique proposition, and of course, this required a unique contact management solution. In penetrating a highly competitive and sensitive market, the modern and truly unique utilities company needed a call center solution that would deliver on its promise of great customer service without any strings attached; no confusing bills, incomprehensible tariffs and no difficult or lengthy process to change suppliers.A company that was founded last year and officially launched in April 2013, Flow Energy wanted to shake the marketplace clean of its complications and frustrations. The company hit the ground running by offering the lowest fixed rate gas and electricity tariff in the U.K. and will soon be launching a unique microCHP (Combined Heat and Power) boiler; however, it needed a contact center solution that could further drive its values and strengths. And that’s where Vocalcom came into the picture.Regarding call center solutions, three things were clear for Flow Energy. Its solution of choice required:

Flexibility and future-proofing

The start-up needed a contact center that could expand as the company grew. It needed a solution that could easily add on features along the way. The flexibility of Vocalcom’s solution meant that Flow Energy could scale very quickly.

Textbook implementation

As a startup, the company didn’t have time for teething problems. Rather, it needed structure. The company needed something that could be easily implemented and prove robust right after deployment. With Vocalcom, the company was able to build an IVR in one morning. In fact, a new staff member could be trained and active within only 10 minutes.

Customer-friendly query resolution

To get a foothold in the market, Flow Energy needed to support a first call resolution initiative. With Vocalcom’s screen popping function, which allows one agent to transfer full customer details to another agent’s screen, the company was able to eliminate the need for its customers to repeat information. This, of course, leads to a more seamless overall experience and higher customer satisfaction.And so the question remains: How would you describe your company? We can help you determine that. Click here today to start your journey.

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