Luxury Retailer Harrods Proves that Tablet Consumers Can be Easily Engaged

Tablets have triggered a paradigm shift in how we interact with customers today.

They have not only opened the door for easier engagement, but making room for customer interactions to be more intimate, as well. Consider the insurance agent writing an estimate in the field, the sales rep giving a one-on-one presentation or the retail clerk helping a customer locate an out-of-stock item in another store.Harrods is a great example of a brand that is using tablets—specifically, iPads—to reach out to its customers in a unique, engaging way. The London retailer used a series of slow-motion videos embedded in its digital magazine to promote its month-long “Meet the Perfumers” event. Completion of the video brought the viewer to additional event content.How can you provide an engaging experience for your customers who use tablets? Let’s look at some ideas:

  • Imagine that the agent and customer can view the video simultaneously while the agent explains the finer points.
  • As customers peruse your digital content, a call center application could automatically open up a video, where the agent could then direct them to new articles or content that would interest them most.
  • With the customer’s permission, an agent could use co-browsing to walk the individual through how a product works, or navigate him or her to a specific piece of content on the website.
  • After a service interaction, a call center application could automatically push a short survey to customers and incentivize them to fill it out.

Harrods used tablets to provide customers with a richer, more visual experience that virtually placed them at the front of the line for its not-to-miss event. How can you make your customers feel like they are “there?”To help ideas flow, pick up a tablet yourself. Attempt a handful of actions, including a live video or chat conversation, and see how the tablet handles them. Ask yourself, how could I automate or improve this action? By putting yourself in your customer’s position and seeing what he or she sees, ideas will rise to the surface about how, like Harrods, you can make your customer’s experience richer and more engaging.

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