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Part 2 – Top Six Things You’re Doing Wrong with Your Telemarketing Strategy

Investing in comprehensive telemarketing software is only the first step to securing an unbeatable business strategy. In part one of this series, we discussed the first two things business managers could be doing wrong with their telemarketing strategies, including lack of segmentation and letting data fall through the cracks. To avoid these detrimental mistakes, it is vital to ensure you’re up to par with today’s rigorous standards on every level. In light of that, here are the next two aspects of telemarketing that companies may be doing wrong when it comes to business strategy.

3. Not Letting Your Creative Sparks Fly

Telemarketing is like trying a new dish – throwing a bit of spice on a plateful of otherwise plain food is usually welcomed. Give your customers’ metaphorical taste buds a kick by getting creative with your telemarketing strategy. Today, telemarketing software can be coupled with more innovative approaches to boost customer satisfaction and sales. For starters, toss your call center scripts in the trash and don’t look back.

4. Improper Staffing

You wouldn’t spend the night in a hotel if you knew the cleaning crew was lazy. You wouldn’t eat at a restaurant if you discovered that there was a health code violation – even if it was your favorite. Similarly, you wouldn’t stay on the line for the entirety of a call that is not a great representation of the company. Your customers are looking to be engaged, but to get them there, you have to first ensure that those behind the phones are capable, competent, willing and genuinely caring. This may mean implementing exciting employee approaches and incentives to help keep the positive momentum going.

We’re almost there! To find out the last two things you could be doing wrong with your telemarketing strategy, stay tuned for part three of this series.

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