Vocalcom and Salesforce: The Dynamic Duo Powering Great Customer Experiences

In our modern world, customers are inundated on numerous digital channels with promises of great products at competitive prices. But how often are they guaranteed a great experience?

The 2019 Digital Trends Report conducted by Adobe and eConsultancy found that B2B companies consider customer experience the most exciting opportunity for 2020. RightNow Technologies further adds that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience. And when it comes to driving the best results for customer service, Salesforce demonstrates continuous growth and success—ranking #1 for CRM applications based on the IDC 2018 Revenue Market Share Worldwide and possessing more than three times the market share of any other competitor. With Vocalcom Salesforce Edition, your company can offer the seamless experiences that your customers are looking for from within the Salesforce console. Our powerful solution enables the integration of all your digital channels within Salesforce to provide numerous benefits, including:

Quick and easy access to customer data.

From a single screen, agents are able to access all customer history and data through automatic screen pop-ups. Incoming calls are intelligently routed based on Salesforce data, while click-to-dial outbound calling allows agents to connect with customers quickly. Agents are able to add notes, update an order status, and perform other tasks seamlessly while speaking to customers.

Customizable to meet your needs.

The solution may be adapted to your company’s specific needs. It offers the same deployment flexibility as standalone Vocalcom and Salesforce products, enabling agents to work from any place they choose. Our solution is perfectly adapted to the Salesforce product and its features.

Revolutionizes the customer experience without ever leaving Salesforce.

As a native solution built into Salesforce, you never have to deal with another app. We work hand in hand with Salesforce to deliver the best product for your customer service. As Vocalcom Salesforce Edition is the only product to work in the Salesforce data model, our solution offers a faster time to market, no additional agent training necessary beyond Salesforce competency, and maximized investment for your company in Salesforce.

Timesaving benefits for both agents and customers.

By accessing customer data through a centralized database, agents save time and are able to resolve cases more quickly. They no longer have to search for information or ask customers to repeat information, as all data is captured in real-time and accessible to all agents who view the customer’s profile. Agents are more efficient and able to assist more customers.

Excellent communication in the contact center.

Our solution allows agents to better communicate across teams and departments. Real-time updates and a 360-degree view of a customer’s history enable agents to handle ongoing cases effortlessly. Agents may obtain order information, share notes, and communicate with other departments during a customer interaction without missing a beat.

Improved customer feedback management.

Our solution allows you to record and analyze customer feedback that is less structured than formal surveys. Such data is vital to understanding how you may improve your service and enables your customer service team to make changes as necessary.

Improved understanding of the customer journey—in any field.

With Vocalcom Salesforce Edition, great customer service becomes a reality for companies across various industries. Our solution provides a global view of the customer experience to help you understand how you can continuously improve your service and win customer loyalty in your field. Our clients hail from sectors as varied as the finance industry (Australian Credit and Finance) to tire manufacturing (Nokian Tyres) to food retail (Ahold Delhaize), to name just a few.

Vastly improved KPIs.

Greater contact center efficiency means improved KPIs. With Vocalcom Salesforce Edition, average handling time is reduced, as data is much easier to access and skills-based routing connects customers with the most appropriate agents. Similarly, agents are empowered to handle customer situations more comprehensively, enabling greater first contact resolution rates. Building strong relationships with your customers leads to winning their loyalty. Vocalcom Salesforce Edition provides your company with an essential tool for giving your customers the rich, savvy digital experiences that make them love your brand.

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