Native Contact Center Solution to Salesforce

Vocalcom brings together your voice and digital communication from within Salesforce for more responsive, more intuitive, more flexible support

Built seamlessly into the Salesforce Cloud.

Enhanced customer experience

  • Faster response times
  • Personalized routing and contact handling
  • Effortless customer experience
  • No need to repeat information
  • Less time required of customers
  • Consistent experience across media channels
  • Better First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • Intelligent IVRs provide a great interface for a swift and effortless experience

Greater efficiency

  • No duplicate tasks. Fewer clicks
  • Productivity boost
  • Faster self-service
  • Quicker access to specialized resources
  • Faster access to information
  • Better data for fine-tuning processes
  • More customer feedback
  • Dynamic routing using the information you have in Salesforce® to deliver the call to the best person
  • Automatic screen pop means first call resolution is easier than ever

Ease and flexibility of deployment

  • Minimal effort to implement and maintain
  • Agents can be anywhere
  • Use of multiple types of endpoints
  • PCI DSS compliant
  • No additional voice boards or equipment required to handle calls, emails, web chats, callbacks and generic objects
  • Faster resolution
  • More satisfaction

Native vs. Integrated.

Never let your data escape the Salesforce cloud. Vocalcom exists within Introducing the first and only contact center solution updated in real-time, with zero security liabilities. Vocalcom applications are built from the ground up in Salesforce languages. All data is logged in real-time, seamlessly fusing sales and service informations onto one database, one platform.

Improve Caller Experiences & Business Productivity.

With embedded call controls, expert resource presence information, and the ability to automatically populate customer records across all media types, agents are able to consistently respond to customer inquiries quickly and more precisely. Doing more with less is another key theme these days for service organizations. Add in powerful post-call surveys so your customer can share their opinions with just the press of a few buttons.

Boost Your First Call Resolution (FCR).

Improve first call resolution rates by enabling skills-based routing that automatically routes each call to the best available agent. Vocalcom’s Agent for Salesforce enables intelligent contact routing so the call and caller info are delivered in one, unified screen on the agent’s desktop – Salesforce®. Agents also avoid having to ask customers to repeat basic information - one of the best steps any business can take toward improving the service process and enhancing the customer experience.

Speed up Handle Time.

Empower customers by enabling them to create a new case through a self-service IVR application, before being connected with an agent. The case is then automatically and instantly generated and assigned to an agent in Salesforce. By tightly integrating the customer interaction functionality from Vocalcom, agents using Salesforce are empowered to perform tasks more efficiently and handle customer calls more quickly. Plus, using wrap-up codes and enhanced integrated reporting makes service processes even more efficient.

Improve Agent Utilization.

Activity history is kept current since the console Plug-in can create records of activity history automatically as soon as interactions are completed – one less thing for agents to have to remember. With screen pops of customer records and click-to-dial outbound calling right inside Salesforce console, your agents can smoothly interact with customers. With Vocalcom, quickly add automation and personalization to your Salesforce instance improving agent experiences and business productivity.

Deploy Quickly and Easily.

Certified by Salesforce and based on industry standards, the fully productized offering requires minimal IT resources to implement and maintain. The combined solution offers the same deployment flexibility as standalone Salesforce and Vocalcom products, so agents can be anywhere (HQ, remote office or at home) to use whatever available endpoints they prefer.