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Strategy software that empathetically boosts outbound campaign communication with customers, but also guarantees compliance.
Outbound - Agent Experience

Agent Experience

Speed and ease of use is baked into the agent workspace design. Agents have immediate and relevant access to all customer information, as well as an infinite pool of related data from other systems at their fingertips.

Agents can make their workspace even more intuitive and personal, handle outbound contact through assisted workflow screen scripts and in all forms, whether predictive, preview of progressive dialling or as part of an innovative multichannel outbound strategy campaign.

The agent experience inspires confidence, consistency and coherent collaboration across the team, creating the combined effect of effortless productivity and a truly transformed customer experience.

Outbound - Supervisor Experience

Supervisor Experience

Agility, control and unrestricted visibility enable Supervisors to excel at managing agent resources. Defining an optimal outbound contact strategy is easy within Vocalcom, but it’s even easier to dynamically address unlikely and unexpected challenges, especially reflecting on the demands of the social channel blended world.

Supervisors can unobtrusively assist agents, respond to help requests, define intelligent thresholds for those ‘all hands to the pumps’ moments. They can review ‘actual’ customer interactions incorporating an analysed view of the call, what the agent captured as part of the interaction workflow and both sides of the complete customer journey, across all channels.

Real-time and immediate re-allocation of agents against queues, channels, specific campaigns are just ‘clicks’ inside a ‘living’ application, enabling responsive thought to be immediately implemented, adjusting outbound success in the next minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and beyond.

The Supervisor experience is one of unconstrained and free decision making. It’s satisfying, exciting and dynamic.

Outbound - Adminstrator Experience

Adminstrator Experience

As an administrator it’s important to be able to focus on capability without complexity. To be able to deliver comprehensive and intuitive Call Center functionality, that is going to continuously evolve, driven by customer demand for tomorrow’s contact channels.

Single platform simplicity, advanced although intuitive multi-channel and resource configuration, secure although unrestricted relevant access, are just some of the compelling design considerations of the Vocalcom administration solution. It’s fast, easy and centrally available to manage multiple geographies and thousands of seat Contact Centers.

Vocalcom platform administrators can look forward to enjoying the next challenge, in fact having more solutions than there are challenges, and in the most cost efficient ways. The administrator experience is one of being empowered to achieve a lot, fast, and with very little to worry about in terms of whether it can be done or how much it will cost.