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Customer Service

Country Morocco
Activity Automobile dealer
Key Figures 1 shared customer service center
16,000 cars delivered per year
9,000 calls handled per month

Centrale Automobile Chérifienne is a leading company in the Moroccan automobile market, specializing in the biggest brands (Porsche, Bentley, Audi, Volkswagen).

As part of a project focused on business processes digitization and service quality improvement, CAC deployed a new customer service center equipped with the Vocalcom Salesforce Edition solution.

Centrale Automobile Chérifienne, which delivers around 16,000 cars per year, launched in 2016 a digital roadmap which led the company to deploy the Salesforce CRM to manage its entire value chain—particularly logistics, administration, and after-sales service. To reinforce this system and improve service quality, a unified customer service center was created to manage all customer interactions, which were previously managed by different CAC departments: service requests, repair follow-ups, sales claims or information, and outbound calls for web lead callbacks…

The advantages of a Salesforce native integration

After several consultations, Centrale Automobile Chérifienne chose the Vocalcom Salesforce Edition cloud contact center solution to integrate customer service into its value chain. « The native integration of the Vocalcom CTI solution with Salesforce allows our agents to manage all customer interactions from a single interface, whatever the communication channel. The solution facilitates access to a large amount of data from Salesforce in agent scripts and helps us save a significant amount of time during the handling and post-handling processes, » states Anouar Abdessadek, Manager of Digital Transformation and the Customer Experience Department at Centrale Automobile Chérifienne.

To conclude its project, the company took a pioneering step with the National Agency for Telecommunications Regulations (ANRT) of Morocco, together with its integrator and Orange teams, to obtain the first license for using voice over IP in Morocco – which was essential to the deployment of the Vocalcom solution.

Offering premium customer experience based on service quality

Before the creation of the unified contact center, the reachability rates of the different departments were unsatisfactory. As a top leader in the Moroccan automobile market, CAC wanted to deliver exceptional service with total reachability. « The roadmap which was entrusted to me 4 years ago, » explains Anouar Abdessadek, « adheres us to customer experience excellence. Our contact center plays a pivotal role in our strategy. Since the implementation of the Vocalcom solution, our reachability has become 95 to 97% .»

Furthermore, CAC was one of the few automobile companies to remain reachable 24/7 in Morocco during the COVID-19 confinement, thanks to the quick shifting of many agents to a remote working model and the complete autonomy of the IVR. The flexibility of the Vocalcom solution allowed the company to easily pass from 4,000 handled calls per month before the confinement, to 9,000 calls per month today.

The company also manages outbound call campaigns using the “click-to-dial” function to convert leads received in Salesforce from their website and social media networks. To ensure optimal service quality management, CAC relies on activity reports available in Salesforce and real-time dashboards. « The supervision tools allow us to listen to both live and recorded conversations or intervene during customer interactions if necessary, in order to improve our processes continuously, » says Anouar Abdessadek.

The Vocalcom experts who support us daily are real partners in our customer experience transformation project.

Anouar Abdessadek

Centrale Automobile Chérifienne

Optimizing customer experience : an intersecting project

In order to offer a unique experience and earn customer loyalty, Centrale Automobile Chérifienne oversees an indicator which resembles NPS : the MAF (My Active Feedback)—a vital tool for measuring customer satisfaction. « The listening quality and the possibility of tracking recordings agent by agent, allow us to better understand any possible dissatisfaction » states Anouar Abdessadek. Contributing to the involvement and motivation of the contact center agents, all of the systems implemented with Vocalcom’s assistance have « always benefited from the support of our executive management, » concludes Anouar Abdessadek.

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