[CNM Prévoyance Santé] Fostering a close customer relationship through a 100% remote model





Vocalcom Hermes

Country France
Activity Complementary and contingency supplemental health insurance
Key Figures 2 contact centers in France
50 employees
90 000 members
80 000 inbound & outbound calls per year

CNM Prévoyance Santé, a supplemental insurance company specializing in complementary and contingency health insurance, has been using a 100% remote customer service model since its creation. To develop a close and personalized relationship with its 90,000 insured members, the company leverages the open and feature-rich Vocalcom Hermes contact center solution

Created in 1970, the CNM Prévoyance Santé supplemental health insurance company decided against having a physical agency and opted for 100% remote customer service. Devoted to maintaining a close relationship with its members, the company relies on two contact centers : one in charge of customer service, which handles more than 76,000 inbound calls per year, and the other handling business development—an activity previously managed by an outsourcer using a Vocalcom solution. For CNM Prévoyance Santé, it was therefore a natural choice to deploy the Vocalcom contact center platform to meet the needs of its teams managing inbound and outbound calls. Above all, this decision was based on Vocalcom’s industry expertise, its ability to integrate with the insurance company’s CRM applications, and its flexibility in optimizing operations on a daily basis.

The flexibility of the Vocalcom solution and its ability to integrate with our CRM tool allows us to optimize customer satisfaction continuously and offer personalized service to our members

Christian Reynaud, Development Director

CNM Prévoyance Santé

Leveraging Vocalcom’s flexibility to continuously improve the customer experience

For CNM Prévoyance Santé, the customer service center plays a critical role, especially for older members who are often unskilled at handling digital communications. The insurance company pays special attention to service quality and, thanks to the Vocalcom solution, is able to respond to more than 90% of all calls. Clémence Borys, Customer Service Manager, works continuously on customer journey optimization by adjusting the IVR to improve call fluidity. These changes are made in real-time to adapt to current events, by constantly adjusting and improving greeting messages or creating new queues. « We made adjustments to the IVR with complete autonomy and cut our call abandon rate in half, » notes Clémence Borys. These efforts also reduced call duration by about 15% as well as the number of calls received for recurring, minor questions.

Personalizing the member relationship through CRM data integration

Thanks to its open architecture, the Vocalcom platform was interfaced easily with the industry tools used by CNM Prévoyance Santé in order to personalize customer service. The development of a contact card pop-up script allows immediate caller identification so that the agent has a real-time 360° view of customer history and all contract information for offering a truly personalized interaction. CNM Prévoyance Santé’s eventual goal is to develop a complete integration in order to set up a Vocalcom agent banner directly within its CRM application.

Optimizing digital lead conversions

Without a physical agency, CNM Prévoyance Santé relies on its website and online comparators to develop its visibility and generate leads. To reduce handling time and maximize its conversion rates, the company developed a very advanced integration of its CRM with search engines and with the Vocalcom solution. The agents on the business development team rely on the  contact card pop-function and on the Vocalcom automated dialer to call out leads or manage callbacks from the CRM, leveraging the customer knowledge which is so vital to selling insurance. «The flexibility of the Vocalcom solution allows us to set up new campaigns very quickly, » states Christian Reynaud, Director of Marketing and Development. « The simplicity of the solution enables us to be more responsive. »

Boosting the efficiency and excellence of the contact center, both on-site and remotely

When it comes to overseeing service quality, the supervision features are essential tools for CNM Prévoyance Santé. The teams are monitored in real-time thanks to configurable dashboards while key performance indicators can be shared with agents every morning through automatic emails. This thorough management could be maintained remotely during the COVID-19 confinement, during which agents switched easily to a remote working model thanks to the flexibility of the Vocalcom solution. In addition, the chat tool integrated into the platform promoted collaborative remote work within the customer service center teams during this time period and proved essential to maintaining customer service performance, with a call answer rate of between 96 and 98%.

Thanks to the Vocalcom Hermes solution, we could set up autonomously new outbound call campaigns during the COVID-19 confinement in order to keep contact with our most vulnerable members and ensure they were doing well

Clémence Borys, Customer Service Manager

CNM Prévoyance Santé

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