[CRC/FIMAINFO] Keeping up with market digital shifts through an omnichannel approach





Vocalcom Hermes

Country France
Activity Outsourcer for customer service management services specialized in the financial, health, and automobile industries
Key Figures 3 contact centers in France
450 agents and third-party users connected on the Vocalcom solution
+1.3 million calls managed per year

As a leader in the automobile market and highly present in the health/supplemental insurance and financial industries, the FIMADEV company serves as both a contact center, with its Centre Relations Clients subsidiary, and integrator of Vocalcom solutions via the IT firm FIMAINFO. This hybrid positioning allows the company to integrate into its customers’ value chain.

As a historical outsourcer for customer service management services, Centre Relation Clients specializes in the financial, health, and, even more notably, the automobile industries. The company has been leveraging Vocalcom’s industry expertise for its 450 connected agents and third-party users for a long time. For this reason, Centre Relations Client naturally turned to the new Vocalcom Hermes360 omnichannel contact center solution when the time came to support their customers in their digital transformation journey.

Integrating into customers’ value chain

As the automobile market experiences lower margins, the car dealers’ business model is no longer exclusively based on vehicle sales. One of the profitability drivers, among others, is reaching the qualitative and quantitative goals based on phone reception and web lead follow-up. This shift therefore places contact centers at the heart of customer service, with a critical need to monitor and enrich data. The flexibility of the Vocalcom Hermes platform is an essential asset for Centre Relations Clients, which may carry out specific IT developments n order to personalize the solution and integrate it with their customers’ industry tools. This way, agents can access and enrich customer data after each customer interaction from a single platform—eliminating the need for double data entry. The platform offers agents optimal use of customer data and reduces repeated data input operations post-interaction.

Through their expertise, Fimainfo and Centre Relations Clients also offer a shared contact center platform powered by Vocalcom and hosted in a private cloud. The members of UNICAP—a purchasing center for PEUGEOT car dealers—may in this manner utilize, within a cloud infrastructure, ready-to-use call campaigns: post- sales surveys, reminders, vehicle delivery surveys, etc.

To fulfill our missions, the Vocalcom solution provides us with a powerful and flexible omnichannel contact center tool that allows us to integrate into our customers’ value chain. In this manner, we are able to support them in their digital transformation and help them excel overall at creating great customer journeys

Max Gautheron-Smits, Associate Director


Supporting phygital transformation in the automobile industry

Car dealerships are experiencing a sharp drop in visits, with customers researching more in advance and on their own—especially online. Since customer service is becoming more and more omnichannel, the industry must capitalize on all contact sources to increase leads and maintain its connection with customers, in order to shift from basic to standardized processes. With the Vocalcom Hermes360 solution, CRC can leverage all customer service channels and manage all interactions with a targeted audience. From using chat to handle information requests and email-generating web forms to managing inbound and outbound calls, the omnichannel strategy is perfectly managed. The agents benefit from a single, unified platform with a 360° view of customer interaction history for a seamless customer experience on all channels.

Offering unrivaled performance for lead management and customer service

Thanks to the Vocalcom Hermes solution, CRC manages a volume of more than 1.3 million inbound and outbound calls, including managing customer service, detecting customer needs, lead callbacks, post-sales surveys, and quality surveys taken by their customers.

« By using the automated call functions, predictive automated dialer, and conversation help scripts, we recorded at times up to a 40% productivity increase, » says Max Gautheron-Smits. An agent may switch from a predictive to a progressive call mode autonomously for real-time adaptation when customer reachability rates decline. Customer data may be enriched quickly thanks to the Vocalcom solution’s integration with customers’ industry tools.

For managing car dealerships’ inbound calls, CRC leverages the power of the Vocalcom IVR, which may be modified in real-time in order to refine strategies completely autonomously. « We adapt the IVR in order to reduce the rate of lost calls, which never passes 5 to 6% and can go down to close to 0% with a callback campaign, whereas the industry’s average rate is 40%, » notes Max Gautheron-Smits. This reactivity and adaptability allow CRC to guarantee optimal performance for its customers.

Acting autonomously to increase efficiency

The easy-to-use Vocalcom solution reduces agent training time, which constitutes a substantial savings in both labor time and cost. The new Hermes360 interface offers true working comfort and improves team well-being. CRC claims a very low agent turnover—the result of the care and attention given to employees as well as their strong industry expertise.

For overseeing its activities, Centre Relations Clients especially appreciates the real-time supervision tool and the activity follow-up reports which can be personalized for each customer. This flexibility was beneficial when switching to a remote working model during the first lockdown. « There was zero work production loss, both internally and for our customers, since the features remained accessible and the real-time supervision tools, such as listening and reporting tools, enabled us to guarantee the quality of our services even under these extremely unusual conditions, » says Max Gautheron-Smits. 

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