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Vocalcom Hermes

Country France
Activity Service provider specialized in print and digital subscription management
Key Figures 2 contact centers in France
100 employees
1 million calls made and received each year

Founded in 2004, EVO+ is a French expert in print and digital subscriber relations. The company has grown by developing customized offerings serving regional and specialized daily news outlets and energy and telecommunications providers.

With 60 employees in Toulouse, a second worksite in the deployment phase in Perpignan, and more than one million calls handled per year, EVO+ logs a growth of 10 to 20% per year by relying on the Vocalcom Hermes solution.

With employees specifically trained in subscription processes, EVO+ offers three skill centers. The company manages customer service for regional daily newspapers such as the La Dépêche du Midi and Midi Libre and handles all subscriber matters such as delivery problems, billing issues, and premium assistance. The company also offers a business development service by phone for selling daily and technical news subscriptions, managing upselling operations, and carrying out subscriber quality inspection surveys for its customer ENGIE. Lastly, EVO+ operates as a 100% outsourced management service for news outlet subscriptions, in charge of managing subscriber coupons as well as routing and handling claims.

The challenge: Integrating into customers’ value chains to offer customized service

To manage its different activities, EVO+ decided to rely on the industry expertise, rich features, and flexibility of the Vocalcom Hermes contact center solution. This solution is used in a cross-functional manner to manage the 300,000 calls received and 1 million calls made every year by the EVO+ teams—a substantial volume for an activity essential to both customer and subscriber satisfaction, which entails rigorous business activity supervision as well as a perfect understanding of customers’ pricing policies and their specific tools.

« The flexibility and adaptability of the Vocalcom solution allows us to integrate into our customers’ value chain by developing complex scripts. Our dedicated teams may therefore work as extensions of our customers’ organizations and handle cases quickly, »  states Jean-René Cau, founder and CEO of EVO+.

The intelligence of the Vocalcom contact center solution, which we have been using since 2012, allows us to be savvy and resourceful on a daily basis and offer the best service to our customers.

Jean-René Cau


Adopting a flexible and agile solution for winning new markets

As part of their development, EVO+ recently deployed a second customer relation platform in Perpignan with 50 job positions. Dedicated to e-commerce, this platform will handle inbound call flows for online order follow-ups. This activity, already initiated at the Toulouse location, will rely once again on Vocalcom’s support. « We need to be constantly competitive. Vocalcom’s industry expertise allows us to innovate consistently and win new markets. »

Improving agent comfort and engagement

To sustain its growth, EVO+ relies on strong employee engagement. For Jean-René Cau, working in a contact center is not a simple job, but a true profession which must have meaning in order to limit turnover. « The simplicity and power of the Vocalcom solution bring agents working comfort that enables them to be more efficient and feel valued. The performance indicators allow everyone to measure the effects of their actions and improve their skills. »

The Vocalcom solution addresses our industry problems. The possibility of adapting our scripts autonomously allows us to be more responsive and agile.

Jean-René Cau


Vocalcom : Driving reactivity and innovation

Thanks to its expertise and equipment, EVO+ is able to offer higher quality levels of service, with a 94% customer service call pickup rate. The company is always exploring new ways to improve the efficiency of its practices. In this context, « It is essential that we be able to work on the software autonomously in order to adjust the 40 existing scripts in place. »  The company takes advantage of all the features the software offers in order to adapt quickly to new challenges in customer and subscriber relations. While the no response contact rate continues to increase on landlines, EVO+ relies on the three integrated calling methods (predictive, progressive, and preview) and on the pairing of call placement/reception with an automatic contact card pop-up, for more efficient customer relation management.

Real-time supervision for improving performance

Supervisors can oversee output and analyze key indicators in real-time, in order to respond quickly and participate actively in reaching goals. « The rich features of the Vocalcom solution allow us to take more targeted actions and create the conditions for innovative and successful customer relations, » concludes Jean-René Cau.

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