[Generali PMC Treize] Fostering personalization and closeness in a 100% remote customer service relationship




Country France
Activity Insurance agents and brokers
Key Figures 20 000 customers
On average 800 interactions/day
40 employees

PMC Treize, a subsidiary of GENERALI, is a vital player in remote insurance contract subscription and management. In order to offer a completely personalized experience to its insured members, PMC Treize leverages the Vocalcom Salesforce Edition contact center solution, natively integrated in Salesforce.

As a captive broker for the Generali insurance company, PMC Treize specializes in the remote subscription and management of automobile, home, and personal injury contracts. The customer service center teams manage leads coming from both the Generali field sales network and the Generali.fr website while also tracking the insured members’ contracts. For this reason, the PMC Treize agents are key players in a completely remote customer service relationship. Since customers are not always prepared for a 100% digital experience, their interactions with agents are essential for gaining personalized advice, confidence, and reassurance on sometimes complex topics. By choosing the Vocalcom Salesforce Edition, PMC Treize has been able to leverage a robust contact center solution that meets demanding telephony requirements while leveraging Salesforce customer knowledge

Our decision to use Vocalcom Salesforce Edition allows us to leverage a robust contact center solution that combines telephony requirements with the optimal use of customer data in Salesforce.

Clotilde Bezie, Adjunct General Director

PMC Treize Generali

Native integration with Salesforce: customer data at the heart of customer satisfaction

Giving 100% personalized answers to a portfolio of some 20,000 customers requires thorough and rigorous use of customer data. From managing leads, who require advice adapted to their personal needs when choosing contracts, to tracking insured members’ records, where quality is vital to earning satisfaction and loyalty—customer data is pervasive. The native integration of the Vocalcom solution with Salesforce CRM helps contact center agents save a significant amount of time, whether it be for looking up a customer file, reviewing interaction history with an insured member, or updating data in real-time in a customer file post-call. With the Vocalcom automated dialer, agents can also call back leads directly from Salesforce contact cards integrated into their campaign and access customer context information in order to offer personalized advice.

Optimizing customer service autonomously

From the moment the Vocalcom Salesforce Edition solution was deployed, Clotilde Bezie and her teams were able to measure a very explicit improvement of key performance indicators. The solution’s agility allowed PMC Treize to record a considerable increase in call pickup rates and NPS as well as a decrease in average handling time. Thanks to the solution’s user-friendliness and the productivity increase linked to the use of a single system, agents are more agile and may refocus fully on their tasks. « The flexibility of the IVR and the skill management in the ACD allow us to refine inbound call routing strategies in order to direct them toward the most qualified agent for a customer’s specific needs. »

Clotilde Bezie is completely autonomous when optimizing the IVR and customer journeys, and she can make real-time adjustments to messages and wait queues according to current events. This autonomy was especially important for reacting quickly when the first COVID-19 confinement was put in place.

Real-time management for optimal efficiency

When it comes to remote customer service, service quality lies at the heart of the challenge. As this constant issue applies as much to the way in which leads are handled as it does to managing insured members’ contracts real-time performance management is necessary. To meet this challenge, PMC Treize utilizes the Vocalcom solution’s real-time dashboards, used to both measure agent performance and ensure thorough tracking of customer service quality. The company also leverages the richness of activity reports, which are available directly in Salesforce and allow infinite extractions combining contact center data and customer data. The objective? To continuously refine campaign targeting and management.

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