[La Maison Saint-Gobain] Combining digital and the human touch for premium customer service




Country France
Activity Online intermediation platform between customers and construction professionals
Key Figures 75 employees
1 contact center
5000 calls/week

La Maison Saint-Gobain, a subsidiary of the international company BTP Saint-Gobain, offers a digital platform for connecting private individuals and construction professionals. To gain a foothold in a highly competitive industry, the company chose a premium customer service model combining digital and the human touch, and relying on a customer service center equipped with the Vocalcom Salesforce Edition solution natively integrated with Salesforce.

To set itself apart as a leader in online intermediation, La Maison Saint-Gobain built its strategy around one pledge: a top-notch customer experience. Its digital platform connects private individuals planning to carry out home renovation projects with the best construction professionals – with the special feature of managing all project stages online, from the initial request to the project payment. Since a renovation project can be stressful, La Maison Saint-Gobain relies on its customer service center agents to support individuals throughout their digital journeys and to foster a smoother relationship between the customer and the construction professional. Since the company wished to leverage both a robust telephony solution and a native integration with its Salesforce CRM software, it chose the Vocalcom Salesforce Edition contact center solution.

Thanks to its native integration with Salesforce, the Vocalcom Salesforce Edition cloud solution allows us to strengthen our customer knowledge and gain efficiency. Call campaigns are automated in Salesforce according to the customer journey, enabling us to offer smoother interactions and a personalized experience.

Muriel Mouton, General Director

La Maison Saint-Gobain

Native integration with Salesforce for ultra-personalized support

La Maison Saint-Gobain’s decision to offer premium support means providing ultra-personalized service to each customer by putting customer data at the heart of each interaction. Thanks to the native integration of the Vocalcom cloud solution with Salesforce, the customer service center agents work directly within Salesforce to manage inbound and outbound calls, access customer data, and enrich this data after each interaction. « Each agent has a 360° view of the customer journey in Salesforce in order to offer personalized support », notes Guillaume Lion, Customer Service Center Manager at La Maison Saint-Gobain. « Access to activity statistics directly in Salesforce and the possibility to cross-check them with CRM data are important tools for improving campaign efficiency and customer service quality. »

Offering a premium service at all project stages

To offer quality support, la Maison Saint-Gobain must be able to rely on an agile and flexible contact center solution that allows agents to take action at the right time.

« The ease in creating automated call campaigns, without needing IT support, is a real advantage for continuously optimizing agent efficiency and customer satisfaction, » states Guillaume Lion.

Each web lead is called back automatically from the Salesforce contact card to be qualified, with a prioritization rule based on the desired callback delay. Other automatic callback campaigns are programmed according to the customer’s journey in Salesforce. The objective is to avoid all delays or obstacles – for example, if the customer has not yet selected his construction professional, or when the construction professional has not posted his estimate online. If the customer contacts the customer service center for information or support, caller identification guarantees that he will be directed toward the agent in charge of managing his project.

Overseeing activities with autonomy and agility

In a premium customer service model, reactivity is a crucial element. « Since we are able to create, personalize, and optimize our campaigns completely autonomously without needing IT support, » explains Guillaume Lion, « we adjust customer journeys in real-time.» This autonomy is especially valuable for modifying the IVR, personalizing dashboards, or analyzing activity statistics in Salesforce in order to continuously improve the quality of customer follow-up. In addition to the technical solution, La Maison Saint-Gobain was able to count on the quality support of the Vocalcom teams, whose reactivity was key to launching the company’s new platform quickly and responding to customer satisfaction challenges.

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