[Simplify] Leveraging the agility and flexibility of the cloud to optimize the patient journey





Vocalcom Hermes

Use case

Customer Service

Country France
Activity Service provider for health professionals
Key Figures 4 contact centers in France, Morocco, Tunisia, Madgascar
200 agents
400,000 calls per month

Active for more than 17 years in the medical sector, Simplify assists health professionals with its innovative medical administration management solutions, real-time report transcripts, and medical report management.

Counting more than 500 French as well as Swiss and Belgian public and private health establishments among its customers, Simplify manages more than 400,000 calls per month. In the past, inbound calls were managed through an external service provider, but Simplify made the decision to reintegrate this activity, deploying four contact centers based in France, Tunisia, Morocco, and Madagascar. In order to optimize patient journeys, Simplify chose the Vocalcom Hermes Cloud contact center solution.

« We were looking for a solution that could be deployed quickly, without having to deal with technical constraints that were not part of our core business. The Vocalcom Hermes Cloud solution therefore seemed to be the right fit, » explains Hicham Idrissi, Director of Production at Simplify. »

The cloud : a response to a need for agility on multiple sites

For Simplify, the choice of the cloud was self-evident. Focused on the quality of service delivered to its customers as much as the patient experience or the well-being of its contact center agents, Simplify is addressing these three priorities thanks to the Vocalcom solution.

Whether it’s a matter of adjusting its resources according to the needs of its customers, quickly recruiting experts in different countries, or allowing the most experienced and autonomous agents to work remotely, the agility of the cloud is invaluable for Simplify.

« This choice turned out to be particularly judicious during the confinement linked to COVID-19. During this period, Vocalcom knew how to support us by proposing adequate solutions in response to the new constraints of our customers created by the crisis. This allowed our agents to work remotely in an optimal manner and allowed our supervisors to guarantee a level of service quality in all of our call centers, » observes Nicolas Broussard, President of Simplify. 

Beyond flexibility, one of the key objectives of the Vocalcom solution deployment project was also to streamline processes throughout the contact centers.

« All of our contact centers use the same platform, which allows us to streamline both the processes and the means. A truly valuable asset for us, as well as for our customers or their patients, » emphasizes Hicham Idrissi.

Ease of use and flexibility : two key factors that improve the patient experience

The Vocalcom contact center solution is particularly intuitive and requires little training time, which is an important advantage for Simplify. Agents may therefore focus on their core business, by assisting each patient in the process of making appointments (prescription management, follow-up for specific requests, medical Imaging…).

« Vocalcom provided us with a concrete answer to our needs so as to manage the volume of appointment requests in a quick, efficient, and qualitative manner. The simplicity of the solution as well as its flexibility and stability allow us to give the necessary attention expected by patients for their appointment scheduling, while also optimizing our agents’ productivity », continues Nicolas Broussard.

Guaranteeing the best quality of service at all times

The Vocalcom solution offers Simplify many performance indicators that are essential for its business (number of calls received and handled, recording of conversations with patients, average wait times…) which reflect the quality of the service rendered.

With the Vocalcom solution, we are achieving the goals we were aiming for. We are able to reach a service quality of more than 95% for many customers, with an average handling time of less than 20 seconds.

Nicolas Broussard, President


With all of the dashboards integrated in the reporting tool, supervisors can easily oversee the performance of their contact centers and agents. Managers are also able to monitor each agent’s individual performance, which contributes to winning the trust of Simplify’s health professional customers.

Some customers ask us to send them these individualized performance indicators. This allows us to show them that we do everything to respect their specifications. This transparence helps reinforce our bonds of trust.

Hicham Idrissi, Director of Production


Overseeing the performance of contact centers and agents is a major tool for continuously improving the quality of conversations with patients and providing health professionals an optimal level of satisfaction based on stringency, trust, and transparency.

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