[TRICOM] Relying on an omnichannel solution to win new markets





Vocalcom Hermes

Country Tunisia
Activity Service provider specialized in B2B telemarketing, appointment scheduling, customer service and e-commerce
Key Figures 95% of business in the French market
30 million interactions per year on all channels
50,000 web appointments per year with a conversion rate of 10%
A 96% service quality score on inbound calls

TRICOM is ranked in the top 5 Tunisian outsourcers, with 95% of its business in the French market and a historical leadership positioning in B2B telemarketing and appointment scheduling, The company relies on Vocalcom’s contact center solution to cement its position in this business segment and expand in the customer service and e-commerce industries.

With close to 200 positions TRICOM works alongside BtoB customers in such areas as appointment scheduling, sales, back-office, and customer service. To offer the best service to its large portfolio of mostly French customers, TRICOM decided from the very start to leverage the industry expertise and power of the Vocalcom Hermes solution.

Cementing its leadership positioning in telesales and appointment scheduling for e-commerce

As a leader in appointment scheduling on web leads for e-commerce companies, TRICOM specializes in managing outbound call campaigns, which make up close to 85% of its revenue. The company relies on the power of the Vocalcom solution’s predictive automated dialer to improve agent productivity and performance. With around 50,000 appointments scheduled per year and a conversion rate of close to 10%, the versatility of the Vocalcom solution is a critical tool for optimizing team working hours within the contact center. Since the TRICOM customer portfolio is especially diversified, « the Vocalcom open platform and its scripting tool allow us to interface easily with our customers’ information systems to better integrate into their value chain, » specifies Ahmed BEN FRADJ, Founder and CEO of at TRICOM, who also integrated the Vocalcom solution with TRICOM’s industry tools.

The Vocalcom Hermes solution offers many rich features and strong integration capabilities, which allow us to meet all the quality and performance challenges that arise in the outsourcing business.

Ahmed BEN FRADJ, Founder and CEO


Winning new markets with omnichannel capabilities

Since June 2020, TRICOM has been working in a new market segment alongside DECATHLON Tunisia. The leading brand of sports equipment is trying out the outsourcing of its customer service for the first time. From pre-sales assistance to order tracking, the TRICOM teams operate at all steps of the customer journey on different channels – inbound calls, email, chat, Facebook Messenger – thanks to the native omnichannel function of the Vocalcom platform. With Vocalcom’s full media blending feature, a single agent can manage an inbound call at the same time as a chat or an email. And success has come knocking ! Only three months after the start of this project, the service quality for inbound calls had already reached 96% with a satisfaction rate above 80%.

Leveraging KPIs as an agent recruitment and customer satisfaction tool

For TRICOM, the well-being and skill building of agents are essential values. Beyond societal engagement, it is also a major challenge in a market under strong pressure to recruit and resist turnover. « The Vocalcom solution is an asset for both attracting and retaining talent. Each agent may follow his performance indicators and remuneration in real-time thanks to the integration of the Vocalcom solution with the TRICOM payroll system » The company further relies on Vocalcom’s rich reporting tool and open database to provide each customer with all of the performance indicators specific to one’s business.

Utilizing a flexible platform which facilitates remote working

During COVID-19, Ahmed Ben FRADJ became fully aware of the Vocalcom solution’s agility, as he could quickly and seamlessly deploy his agents in a remote working model. This flexibility was also beneficial for managing the 1809 green phone line for combatting domestic violence, launched during the first COVID-19 confinement by the Minister of Family in Tunisia, in partnership with UNICEF. Thanks to intelligent skills-based routing, the inbound call flows from suffering women and children are routed to the most qualified experts around the country. In this manner, TRICOM is able to reconcile operational excellence with CSR engagement.

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