[Umrahme] Transforming integrated travel solutions with a customer-centric approach




Country United Arab Emirates
Activity Integrated travel services
Key Figures 5,000 customers
3 call centers in UAE, Egypt, and India
15 agents

Unmrahme – part of the Holidayme group – specializes in pilgrimage travel packages to Saudi Arabia. To support their ambitious plans to expand their services, they selected the Vocalcom Salesforce Edition to deliver a robust call center system that could natively integrate with their CRM application.

Holidayme is a travel services group with offices in UAE, KSA, Egypt, Malaysia, and India, selling flights and holiday packages. In 2017, Holidayme created Umrahme, a business dedicated to managing travel packages to Saudi Arabia for Umrah – a pilgrimage taken by all Muslims. As Umrahme signed an agreement with the government of Saudi Arabia to manage the specific pilgrimage visas travel requirements for B2C and B2B, this opened up a large market of travel agencies across 45 countries.

Designing the perfect Umrah package is at the core of travel specialist Umrahme. To support this ambition, Umrahme has deployed 3 call centers in UAE, Egypt, and India, consisting of about 15 agents serving over 5,000 travel agencies. However, their main challenge was how to resolve their highly fragmented systems to enable them to service their rapidly expanding customer base.

For Umrahme to thrive and be the market leader in comprehensive Umrah travel services, placing their customers at the center of their business and aligning their teams was critical. As the company deployed Salesforce across their organization to give their staff a single source of information for each customer, they were looking for a supplier offering both robust call center expertise and a stable telephony system which could perfectly integrate with their CRM application.

The native integration of Vocalcom call center system with Salesforce was key to getting a 360-view of the customer across the organization and aligning all of our teams. Our agents can now be more agile and deliver a personalised customer experience.

Bechir Omran, Innovation and Growth Strategist


Leveraging native Salesforce integration for in-depth personalization

The native integration of the Vocalcom Salesforce Edition cloud call center solution with Salesforce was essential to Umrahme. Deployed across their different call center sites, the Vocalcom system enables their agents to manage calls directly from Salesforce. They can now leverage a comprehensive 360-view of the customer journey from the CRM application – including calls, transactions, and support cases to deliver fast customer service. “After Vocalcom deployed their system, a query that could take on average 2 to 4 days to respond to, could now be resolved in less than 5 minutes”, explained Bechir Omran, Innovation and Growth Strategist, Umhrame.

Adopting a robust call center system that can grow with Umrahme's business

To expand their activities, Umrahme needed a robust telephony system that could manage both inbound and outbound calls and provide high call quality to quickly understand each customer’s accent across the different countries they serve. Customers inquiring, or to follow up a booking, are instantly recognized. The agent can view customer details and their journey to start the conversation immediately – or create a new customer profile directly in Salesforce if the customer is new to Umrahme.

In order they grow their business, the company is expanding its online visibility. Sales leads gathered from their website are automatically created in Salesforce and routed to an Umrahme agent for a callback. Vocalcom’s expertise automating outbound call campaigns was also crucial to Unmrahme, as the company plans to deploy upsell and cross-sell campaigns based on Salesforce target lists and to expand in B2C.

Thanks to the full integration of all of their communication channels with Salesforce – telephony, email, chat, and Whatsapp for business – Umrahme can now deliver a seamless omnichannel experience to their customers.

Comprehensive, integrated systems for long-term growth

Vocalcom’s customizable dashboards and supervision tools – such as whispering, call listening, and recording – have been a vital contributor to real-time decision making and the quality of customer experience across Umrahme’s business.

And what does the future hold for Umrahme? Bechir Omran concluded: “As we move into a post-COVID world, we are confident we have the systems our business needs to expand our services into B2C with an e-commerce platform, and roll out our customer centric organization to the whole Holidayme group. Vocalcom is a key partner to support our growth and accelerate our development.”


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