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86% of consumers are put on hold every time they contact a business. In fact, the average person spends almost 43 days of their entire life on hold. Not surprisingly, customers say their biggest frustration when phoning a contact center – by a whopping 43% – is being put on hold. More and more, contact centers are realizing the detrimental effect hold-time is having on their customer satisfaction scores, abandonment rates, and the overall customer experience. Luckily, there are easy ways to fix this problem. Vocalcom can help you eliminate hold-time and improve customer satisfaction. Here are the most inspired and useful features of the most innovative customer service software available today.

For Customer Service & Support

  • Virtual Hold & Prioritized Call-Backs

    Are you losing customers to hold time? Vocalcom eliminates hold time. : Call-backs have been proven to lower abandon rates by 32%. It’s not surprising that 75% of consumers prefer the option of a call-back to waiting on hold. Most customers will tolerate being placed on hold but will lose patience quickly, resulting in an angry caller or worse, an abandoned call. Queue callback routing removes hold time by giving to your customers the option to receive an agent callback when their position arrives to the front of the queue. Vocalcom virtual hold can also let customers choose to receive a call when an agent is free, eliminating hold time, reducing abandonment, smoothing out call spikes, and giving customers back what they value most – their time.
  • Visual IVR | A Visual Interface for your IVR

    Reduced Customer Effort - Improved Customer Experience : Lower inbound call volume, handle times, abandon rates, telco costs, and frees agents to drive revenues. Now you can expand the IVR experience by providing visually guided menus on your website or on your customer’s Smartphone. This allows your users to quickly select the options they need, saving them time, and you money. Because your agents get a rich screen pop displaying all the data, you don’t have to ask your customer to repeat information, guaranteeing a much shorter call! A typical Visual IVR implementation has a ROI of less than a month. That’s what we call a serious ROI.
  • Enhanced Caller ID

    Have data-driven customer interactions : Provide excellent customer support and increase customer satisfaction by 150% with contextual information about the caller. And streamline workflow with our CRMs integrations. No phones, hardware, or downloads required. It's fully-functional in 5 minutes and works from anywhere.
  • Tight IVR/ACD Integration

    Fully integrated with our ACD software : Don’t settle for repeatedly requesting an account number, phone number, or other customer information, because your IVR can’t share collected data with the ACD. With Vocalcom, our ACD and IVR play very nicely together which means less frustration for you. Our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) software reduces your cost per call by letting customers choose the type of help they want such as self-service or speaking to an agent. Not only will our IVR software free up your agents to handle more complex cases, but customers can quickly self-solve basic issues like bill pay, account inquiries, and more. It can also, skip past the language option, because it remembers the preference information in your customer's profile, and plays all voice prompts in the language that specific customer prefers. Automatic Call Back (included at no extra charge).
  • Free Call Recording (Storage 0,005 per minute/month)

    Quality monitoring : Record calls based on your business rules, and ensure you’ve got PCI-based privacy controls. Record any agent’s call activity, anywhere in the world and then play back that recording from anywhere. And, with optional screen recording, you get the added assurance that agents are not only saying the right things, but they are doing the right things as well. And, all recordings are encrypted securely in Amazon data centers and can be retrieved for playback from a web browser for up to 10 years.
  • Skill-based & Data-driven Routing Using Full Context

    Send people to the right agent first time : Drive Customer Satisfaction and more efficient response by preserving context and location awareness across channels. Reduce call handling times with automatic CTI screen pops, identify callers and route them to the right agent. You can route calls based on what matters most to your customers.
  • Individual and Group Voicemail

    Voicemail : Listen to voicemail recordings in your browser. Assign voicemails to a specific agent, team or department and allow each individual agent and each team to receive their own voicemails.
  • Advanced call control features

    Expanded Features for Call Management : Conference calls, internal and external transfers, PBX integration for call blending, remote agents and more.
  • Single Customer View Console

    Comprehensive Contact History : View all of the customer’s previous calls, voicemails, emails, tickets, chat transcripts, support requests and more. Information is compiled from your CRM, Helpdesk, back office solutions, back office solutions, and social media accounts to provide a comprehensive overview of the customer.
  • Case Management & Agent Collaboration

    Agent Collaboration : Route inquiries to the right agents and keep them all organized with intelligent tools that help you close cases in record time. Automatically collect and organize customer interactions from every channel. When agents log in to the console, they can dive right into their cases, prioritized based on business needs. With Vocalcom, agents can quickly escalate cases to experts to close cases faster.
  • Multi-Option Transferring

    • Cold Transfers • Warm Transfers • No-Hold Transfers : Don’t let your most important prospects drop off the line. Gives agents the option of cold transfer, warm transfer, and now transfer calls without ever putting a person on hold.
  • Reporting, Analytics, and Business Intelligence

    Reporting and Business Intelligence for your Contact Center : Without useful insight into your contact center, planning for the future can be a real challenge. With Vocalcom’s advanced contact center reporting and business intelligence engine, the ability to monitor your customer service representatives' activities, campaign performance, and other KPIs has never been easier. Uncover growth opportunities, improve sales campaigns, and enhance customer relationships with the right tools to guide your next move.
  • Multichannel ACD for Voice, Email, Chat, & Social

    ACD Universal Queue for Multi-Communication Channels : Universal queue for voice, email, chat, social media and more. Power through callers in queue and quickly get them to agents with the skills to help. Compatible with IVR, chat, email, social media and more, our ACD system’s multi-channel routing lets your customers choose how they want to interact with you. When call volumes creep up and service level goals start to slip, your hotter calls can be routed to outbound agents with our automatic call distributor. This technology ensures that your customers are always handled quickly and to their satisfaction.
  • Email ticketing / Auto-acknowledgement templates

    Email support : All emails sent to your Vocalcom become tickets so you can easily manage your customer conversations. Macros allow agents to quickly respond to common requests with a standard reply.
  • Real-time online customer service

    Adding that human touch to online customer service : Be there at the right moment. Our behavioural targeting technology enables you to offer real-time support to your most qualified visitors. This way, you can send them a proactive or reactive invitation to offer support when they are in a critical situation via the most appropriate channel and reduce basket abandonment. Thanks to Vocalcom Click to chat, Click to Call Meeting, Click to video, your customers receive support when it suits them best.
  • Proactive Notifications

    Proactive Communications : Vocalcom allows your business to proactively contact customers using the right channel, at the right time, with the right message. Equipped with real-time insight of all past contact activity, whether through voice, email, mobile messages or web chat, you can proactively communicate timely information through the appropriate channel with your customers and prospects.
  • Text-to-Speech (TTS) & Speech Recognition (ASR)

    Automated Text-to-Speech (TTS) : Easily connect customer data with your call center by using our out-of-the-box CRM integrations. Our voice recognition software supports Automated Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech in multiple languages.
  • Social CRM Desktop Integration

    Multichannel support & Social Customer Service : Today, customers are flocking to numerous channels — from the traditional, such as phone and email, to the expanding universe of social-media outlets — Social customer service is a whole new ball game. Deliver service to your customers on the social media channels where they live, on any device.
  • Context Service | Mobile SmartConnect™

    Delivering an Improved Mobile Customer Experience : Vocalcom cloud-based solution tracks customer's contextual data and location awareness and immediately delivers it to the service agent, creating new opportunities for exceptional service and additional sales. The service - available to Vocalcom contact center customers at no incremental cost - will allow for the storage of a virtually unlimited amount of contextual data. SmartConnect™ incorporates mobile context into your customer engagement opportunities for faster routing and response to customer issues, and enables your organization to bring identification, location, conversation history, locations and customers preferences to your mobile interactions, enabling enhanced personalization and a richer customer experience.
  • Personalized Interactive Videos

    Powering personalized, real-time video experiences : A revolutionary feature for the world of contact centers! Give your customers the answers they need, whenever they need them. Vocalcom Personalized Interactive Video transforms data and information in real-time into a personal and interactive video. Whether played from an email, SMS, MMS, customer portal, or mobile app, Vocalcom Personalized Interactive Video are generated on the fly and personalized to the individual based on real-time data, ensuring experiences that truly matter to the viewer and that only the most recent account status, billing details, statement delivery, pricing and deals are delivered. Vocalcom Personalized Interactive Videos can also leverages customer profile and call-specific data to personalize the video of the resolution recap of the customer's issue, provide tips on how to self-serve, and recommend relevant products and/or services through engaging and personalized, real-time video experiences. You can also proactively onboard new customers or changed subscribers with a Video ‘welcome’ experience that reduce call volume, generate positive customer experience ratings, and improve customer service experience. Now, you can streamline service with real-time video support that can be deliver anytime, anywhere. The more personal, powerful and profitable way to serve customers.

Built-in CRM Integrations

  • Desk.com widget integration

    Use Vocalcom Inside of Desk.com : Optimize support by using Vocalcom Contact Center Software from the Desk.com interface. Vocalcom runs in the backend so you can utilize IVR, skills-based routing, recording, call monitoring and comprehensive reporting. With one click, the Vocalcom Desk.com Integration will be fully-functional. No phones, hardware, coding or downloads needed.
  • Zendesk widget integration

    Use Vocalcom Inside of Zendesk : Vocalcom runs in the backend so you can utilize IVR, skills-based routing, recording, call monitoring and comprehensive reporting. After each call, the call recording, disposition and metrics automatically populate into a Zendesk ticket. With each voicemail, a new Zendesk ticket is created. With one click, the Vocalcom Zendesk Integration will be fully-functional. No phones, hardware, coding or downloads needed.
  • Salesforce Native Software

    Run your entire contact center inside Salesforce.com itself : Instantly Transform Salesforce Into a Powerful Cloud-Based Contact Center. Vocalcom and Salesforce are better together, enabling you to complete your cloud migration with an end-to-end sales and customer service contact center solution, so that you can focus on what you do best: creating great customer experiences and growing your business. Whether you’re operating a call center or running an inside sales team, Vocalcom delivers data that powers smarter conversations. Inbound and outbound calls trigger a screen pop that provides valuable contextual data about prospects.
  • Microsoft Dynamics integration

    Use Vocalcom Inside of Microsoft Dynamics : Vocalcom edition for Dynamics seamlessly integrate a robust set of contact center features into Microsoft Dynamics to feed all the necessary information directly to where it needs to go. Your call agents work with one interface, one system, one solution instead of jumping around from application to application as they do in so many contact centers today.
  • Oracle's Siebel CRM Integration

    Create a 360-degree view of the Customer : Vocalcom seamlessly integrates Oracle's Siebel CRM, delivering customer insight to the contact center. Vocalcom’s advanced soft phone capabilities are seamlessly integrated into the Oracle Siebel CRM user interface. This provides standard call controls and a powerful user-configurable, rules-driven “screen pop” to virtually any Oracle Siebel CRM view based on data collected in the phone system. Vocalcom’s plug-in methodology allows additional customization for specific commands/events unique to the implementation.
  • SAP CRM Integration

    Vocalcom Unified CRM Connector for SAP® : Through tight integration, Vocalcom contact centers can improve call management and enable full computer telephony integration (CTI) functions using the SAP desktop, including agent login, desktop phone controls, caller identification, and screen pops. Vocalcom Unified CRM Connector for SAP gives SAP clients access to enhanced contact center functions and allows contact centers to more efficiently manage all types of customer interactions and deliver exceptional levels of customer service. Your company can save costs, improve efficiency, and increase revenue by using Vocalcom Unified CRM Connector to integrate your SAP customer database applications with Vocalcom Contact Center solutions.
  • APIs Integration and SDKs

    Eliminate screen switching with intuitive interface : Easily develop custom integrations using Vocalcom APIs and SDKs including CRM integrations, ticketing, and more with Vocalcom solutions. Quick, out-of-box tight integration with popular and custom-built CRMs, like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, so you can be up and running quickly with minimal effort. Once our system identifies a caller, we’ll put their information on the agent’s screen using CTI screen pops. This reduces call handle times and creates a personalized call experience. If you’re using an in-house or custom-built CRM, we can likely integrate with it, too.
  • eGain integration

    Tightly integrated solution between Vocalcom and eGain : The integrated solution of eGain Knowledge and Vocalcom enables effective, efficient and consistent customer service across the contact center and web self-service, powered by consistent multichannel knowledge, and providing unprecedented flexibility in optimizing the use of blended agents. The joint solution improves customer retention, sales and contact center productivity by improving metrics such as Average Handle Time (AHT), Total Handle Time (THT), First-Contact Resolution (FCR) and sales conversion by bootstrapping frontline interactions with customer context, arming agents with relevant knowledge at the point of interaction to resolve customer queries and cross-sell/upsell, and automating call wrap-up and follow-on service fulfillment through a two-way integration.

Productivity Tools

  • Single sign-on (SSO)

  • Real-time agent and call monitoring

  • Agent Scripting

  • Web-based administrator

  • Supervisor On-The-Go

  • Home-based and Remote Agents

  • Comprehensive Contact History

  • Whisper and Barge-In

  • Agent Collaboration

    Agent Collaboration : With Vocalcom, agents can quickly escalate cases to experts to close cases faster. And with the Vocalcom Cloud Platform, everything is integrated into the Agent console for a truly unified experience, whether at your desktop or on a mobile device.
  • Real-time dashboard

  • Embedded Softphone

  • WebRTC-enabled

    The New Frontier in Cloud Contact Center Solutions : Vocalcom WebRTC Solution is the industry’s first single integrated multichannel (voice, chat, email, social media and SMS) with zero on-premise hardware, software, and telephony infrastructure. Built using cutting-edge technology, Vocalcom WebRTC Solution transforms your browser into a full-featured agent desktop with a phone.
  • Business Rules: Automations & Triggers

    Workflows and Automation : Initiate workflow triggered by ticket changes or time-based conditions. Use Visual Workflow to rapidly design and automate any business process with drag-and-drop simplicity. Your Vocalcom comes with pre-configured business rules that we recommend as best practices. You can add more, modify, or turn them off.
  • Business Process Guidance Wizard for Agents

  • Flex Hours | Easily Add Temporary Agents When Needed

    Flex bundles are available at a discounted rate : With Flex Agent Pricing, anyone in your company or at home agents can get involved with customer support as a part-time (flex) agent. Only pay for the hours flex agents use to make all-company support cost-effective. At $0.99/agent/hour, this is a steal! Purchase monthly Flex Hour Bundles in advanced for a discounted hourly rate.
  • Knowledge Management | Google Search for Work

    Find what you need, fast : Significantly reduce training costs by giving agents the familiar, easy to use Google Search interface. Google Search for Work delivers the blazing fast, highly relevant results customers and employees are looking for. Quickly search your knowledge base for relevant answers. Or make it easy for customers to do it themselves. Either way, your customers get the answers they need, exactly the way they want to get them. Google Search Appliance combines the search expertise of Google with features that meet today’s business requirements—all in one box. The Google Search Appliance reduces average call times by up to 20%, and can cut training costs by up to 25%.

Workforce Management & Optimization

  • Extensive historical reports

  • Customizable reporting & analytics

  • Teleopti WFM Integration

    Teleopti Workforce Management | Vocalcom : An effective and profitable contact center hinges on your ability to properly staff your operation with just the right resources, who have the right skills, at the right times, all the time. Vocalcom and Teleopti offer a tightly integrated best-of-breed solution that improves the customer experience, increases profitability, and makes your business stand out from the competition.
  • NICE IEX Workforce Management Integration

    TotalView® Workforce Management by IEX : IEX TotalView Workforce Management (WFM) software provides a centralized platform for optimizing the performance of your contact center. It helps your center forecast and plan more accurately and schedule more effectively. It supplies real-time information to let you better manage the performance of your people and your operation. It integrates data seamlessly across your enterprise and automates many time-consuming and labor-intensive processes. TotalView Workforce Management software gives your contact center just what its name promises: total visibility into every area of your operation. Visibility you need to deliver customer-winning service at the lowest possible operating cost.
  • Pipkins WFM Integration

    Pipkins Workforce Management Integration : Combine the benefits of Pipkins’s advanced workforce management software with Vocalcom’s next-generation contact center solutions and achieve results greater than the sum of their parts. With a full suite of multichannel communications powering your day-to-day activities, enhance agent-supervisor collaborations, automate time-consuming processes, gain powerful business intelligence, and optimize your workforce so your employees can hit the ground running.
  • Knoahsoft Workforce Optimization

    Get ready to accelerate performance : The KnoahSoft Harmony™ Workforce Optimization Suite gives contact centers the ultimate in workforce optimization functionality and flexibility with the best total cost of ownership (TCO) profile in the market. The modular, easy-to-implement-and-use solution offers the latest WFO applications all with robust reporting, dashboards, scorecards, screen capture, monitoring, coaching and eLearning capabilities.

Quality & Customer Experience Management

  • Call Recording

    Get started with recording to launch your quality monitoring program : The one-stop solution for performance and quality improvement. Quality Management performance within your contact center results in happy customers, profitability, and increased revenue for your business. Serve up your choice of recorded interactions based on criteria you define. For example, an authorized user can create a rule to receive five random calls per agent per month. Rules can also deliver calls based on unique call data such as duration, direction, DNIS, ANI and more.
  • Customizable evaluation forms

    Quality Management : Quickly create evaluation forms customized to your business objectives. Evaluation forms can intelligently auto-populate data such as employee skill, job title, associated organization and supervisor, and support flexible scoring options like custom answer types, conditional scoring and reason selection. This saves managers’ time when evaluating employees and produces optimal results.
  • Complete Omni-channel Survey

    Customer Feedback from every channel : Capturing feedback from all your customers, across every channel. In the Moment. Post call surveys, email surveys, chat, web intercept, Survey URLs, IVR, mobile feedback, and live agent collection. Transforming that data into insight, in real time. And then making it actionable for everyone across a company—Wherever your customers are, however they transact with you, and talk to or about you — Vocalcom will facilitate a conversation between you and every single one of them.
  • Net Promoter Score Survey (NPS)

    The Voice of the customer : NPS is a powerful tool in gauging customer loyalty. It is used as a proxy for gauging the customer’s overall satisfaction with a company’s product or service and the customer’s loyalty to the brand. Vocalcom software not only will compute your company’s Net Promoter Score but will also answer the “why” behind the score. Vocalcom’s native text analytics automatically analyzes verbatim feedback, and easily uncover and quantify what your company does well and what it can fix or improve.
  • Full Customer Interaction Recording

    Quality Management synchronizes audio and screens for recorded interactions : When you playback a recorded agent interaction, the screens accessed during the agent’s call and the audio are synchronized as if you’re watching and listening to the call live. You’ll get an accurate sense of what truly happened during the call, and it takes less time to perform the evaluation—a benefit to busy contact centers. It's also a great way to verify sales transactions, resolve a customer issue, ensure agents’ adherence to procedures and policies, limit liability risks, and help ensure regulatory and legal requirements.
  • Speech and Text Analytics

    Add Analytics for deeper insight into your largest call drivers : The patented “Speech-to-Phrase” Recognition engine delivered by Vocalcom directly recognizes entire phrases within the conversations themselves, which delivers the most accurate and comprehensive speech analytics available today. Our award-winning native text analytics engine works across multiple languages to present the richness of these responses and uncover customer insights hidden in text, in a format that’s both easy to understand and easy to act on.
  • Voice Emotion Recognition Software

    Voice Analysis for automated quality assurance and customer relationship management : Vocalcom advanced voice analysis technology detects and measures anger, stress, overlap, talk time sharing, and other relevant emotions that may arise in call center conversations. Vocalcom automatically highlight relevant calls demanding the supervisor’s attention for quality assurance and customer relationship management, credit risk assessment, fraud prevention, CX quality, and prevent agent burn-out and churn. Vocalcom can analyze both sides of a customer service call.
  • Social Customer Reviews

    Drive Positive Customer Experience Ratings, and Dramatically Increase Reviews : Generate more reviews to increase sales and buid your community. Foster your online community, and reach new potential customers, by publishing your new reviews directly onto your social pages. We'll give you the ability to thank the reviewers on Facebook and Twitter. Your followers can leave comments and click on the posts to read the reviews. You choose which reviews to publish.

Security & Compliance

  • SSL encryption

  • Data Security for Privacy Protection

  • FTC/TSR compliant

    TSR | Tools You Need To Comply : Telemarketing Sales Rule compliant. Outbound Call Regulation Compliance – Vocalcom is fully compliant with all current rules and regulations, including DNC lists, abandoned calls, calling hours/holiday, and more, to meet guidelines set by the FTC Telemarketing Sales Rule, the Direct Marketing Association, OfCom, the Telephone Preference Service and others.
  • TCPA compliant

    TCPA | Tools You Need To Comply : Telephone Consumer Protection Act compliant. Specifically designed for TCPA, the Vocalcom TCPA Safe Mode solution gives you the tools to stay compliant and focus on driving business results. Regulations often leave room for interpretation and can change over time. By working with Vocalcom and our trusted partners, like CompliancePoint, who specialize in compliance, you can make informed decisions for your business. Visit http://tcpablog.com/
  • FDCPA compliant

    FDCPA | Tools You Need To Comply : Fair Debt Collection Practices Act compliant. Vocalcom gives companies the tools they need to stay compliant and dial with confidence.
  • DNC compliant

    Do Not Call List (DNC) | Tools You Need To Comply : Do Not Call List – Applied to individual or multiple outbound campaigns for compliance. Vocalcom also highly recommends that you engage with integrated third-party scrubbing services, like Gryphon and PossibleNOW, to ensure your lists comply with applicable “Do Not Call” requirements.
  • Ofcom Compliant

    Ofcom | Outbound Call Regulation Compliance : Vocalcom is fully compliant with all current rules and regulations, including DNC lists, abandoned calls, calling hours/holiday, and more, to meet guidelines set by OfCom, the Telephone Preference Service and others.
  • PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant Solutions

    Removing card payment fraud from your contact center : PCI-DSS is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, and is a mandatory requirement for all merchants accepting card payments over the telephone to ensure customer details are not compromised.
  • Multi-tenant Multi-level Security Permissions

  • Custom roles and permissions

  • SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol)

    Encrypted SRTP for enhanced security : Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP - RFC 3711) is a profile of the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP), which can provide confidentiality, message authentication, and replay protection to the RTP traffic and to the control traffic for RTP, the Real-time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP).
  • DPA Compliance