Part 2 – Top Features of the World’s Most Disruptive Cloud Call Center Solution

Part 2 – Top Features of the World’s Most Disruptive Cloud Call Center Solution

At Vocalcom, we take pride in offering the world’s first fully featured cloud contact center suite. How have we accomplished such a feat? By designing our products to reflect a forward-thinking approach that defines the future of the contact center. Let’s take a look at three more of our call center applications that can truly transform your business.

  • Blended predictive dialer

The predictive dialer has been touted as a must-have call center technology; however, what separates our award-winning predictive dialer from the rest is that it is completely Web-based and is trusted by over half a million users who testify that our offering more than tripled their contacts. Simply put, our solution is cost-efficient and its capabilities drive results that are immediately realized.

  • Telecom self-service

Research from Gartner shows that by 2020, the customer will manage 85 percent of the relationship with an enterprise without ever interacting with a human. Self-service is positioned to become a very quickly growing space; if you’re not positioned to embrace these demands, your competitors certainly will. Vocalcom offers quick and easy options for provisioning your telecom worldwide and enables customers to always enjoy reliable self-service. 

  • Real-time monitoring

Quality and performance management is constantly evolving within the contact center – and it’s shaping the future of the industry. If you’re not monitoring your call center in real-time you’re already behind in the game. Research shows that two-thirds of organizations view access to real-time or nearly real-time metrics as being a very important capability. Our real-time monitoring capabilities enable you to monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs) and other valuable metrics right when they happen, allowing for the most efficient response.

In the final part of this series, we’ll detail the last three vital call center features you need to know.

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