Part 3 – Are You Reaching All the Customers You Can? How Twitter Can Help

Part 3 – Are You Reaching All the Customers You Can? How Twitter Can Help

In parts one and two of this series, we detailed ways that two huge brand names – Paramount Pictures and Etsy – leverage Twitter to remain thought-leaders in their respective spaces. Twitter continues to gain traction in the customer service space regardless of specialty. For example, your call center solution could integrate social media to help enhance your digital customer engagement strategy. Or, you could be a fitness center looking to promote your new summer workout signup discount.

Bottom line: Whatever the reason you decide to join, Twitter will prove itself invaluable for business. As we wrap this Twitter-drenched series up, let’s take one last look at how a men’s fashion brand turned to this platform in order to pave its way to success.


Men’s fashion e-store Bonobos needed to find a way to make room for a new line of inventory while also encouraging customers to purchase its signature brand of chinos. By putting an exclusive sale on Twitter, users were able to retweet the sale offer in exchange for a discount upon reaching a certain number. By doing so, Bonobos got 100 new first time buyers. Not only this, but the company experienced a 1,200 percent ROI that was 13 times more cost effective than other marketing efforts previously tried by the company.

For the contact center, social media sites like Twitter enable you to automatically integrate and manage all inbound and outbound interactions on any channel that your customer desires to use. So when a customer posts on Facebook, you can then target them through Twitter—and vice versa. But most important of all, you will never miss out on customer communication.

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