Yo, Call Centers: Cut the Cord and Go Mobile!

Yo, Call Centers: Cut the Cord and Go Mobile!

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Call centers don’t have mobile apps, and what’s more: they don’t care. That’s the overriding takeaway from GetApp’s first ever product ranking of cloud-based Call Center applications, where mobile apps are nowhere in sight. Only five of the top 25 call center applications have both an iOS and Android app, while three have either one or the other. Compare that to similar product rankings for CRM and Customer Service software– where almost every application has a mobile app– and you’re left wondering why call center software falls so far behind.

Depending on how you look at it, this could make all the sense in the world, or none at all.


Right now, cloud-based contact centers are on an almost even-playing field when it comes to mobile apps, but the leader in GetApp’s Q1 ranking, Vocalcom, demonstrates the innovative thinking that’ll keep it on top. With a mobile app for iOS and Android and a recent deal with Google to integrate the app into Chrome for Web RTC communication, Vocalcom is already on the cutting edge of cloud-based call center software.

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