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It's time companies put mobile first. Vocalcom mobile comes with tools for delivering the most amazing customer experience to mobile customers.

  • Mobile Customer Service Software

    Differentiate your applications with visual customer interactions

    Power optimal mobile customer experiences and reduce AHT

    Imagine touching your way through the IVR without listening to each voice prompt or struggling with voice recognition. Mobile customer service can be great when customers get the answers they were looking for quickly and easily. Vocalcom Visual IVR bridges mobile self-service offering on smart devices with the contact centers in a seamless and personalized manner, bringing easier and smoother way to reach your company, by displaying contextual assistance, waiting time, and queue registering without waiting on hold. Vocalcom Visual IVR turns long and complex IVR prompts into a visual, app-like mobile experience that reduces IVR opt-outs and agent transfers, and provides a faster time to answer. Customers love the experience. With real-time and historical reports for Visual IVR, supervisors can easily see what’s happening and tune call flows.

    With Vocalcom Visual Customer Feedback, at the end of an email, chat, or visual IVR session, agents can immediately collect customer satisfaction feedback. To compete and differentiate, businesses need flexible and media-rich communication services. Vocalcom Mobile simplifies and accelerates customer service to users of smart phones and mobile devices by providing visual self service flows that result in a substantially reduced number of calls to the call center. Bypass the IVR and route calls based on user data to improve agent efficiency and customer experience.
    • Visual IVR: Instead of the caller being sent to the typical interactive voice response (IVR) menu, the call is routed intelligently to an appropriate agent specialist based on contextual information about your customer (billing telephone number, geo-location, service level agreement or other data) As a consumer is navigating through a company’s web portal via a mobile device, the customer’s activity (buttons clicked, products reviewed etc.) is captured and relayed to the contact center for more intelligent call routing, agent interactions, data mining, predictive analytics & more.
    • Better consumer analytics for up-sell/cross-sell: Profile information about the user, browsing context and other user-specific criteria can help agents position adjacent products and services.

  • Mobile Customer Service Software

    Turn Mobile Customer Service into a Competitive Weapon

    Vocalcom takes the concept of effortless interactions to the next level

    A growing number of consumers are becoming mobile-first or even mobile-only, so why not your business? Vocalcom Visual IVR includes an embedded call widget in mobile websites and includes options like estimated wait time, callback, and visual customer surveys. This functionality empowers your customers with the choice to wait or get a callback without waiting on hold. Furthermore, customers can choose to connect to agents using text options like chat when voice is not convenient, giving your customers more options on how they interact with you through mobile devices. Vocalcom Mobile capture and relay contextual information allowing mobile and tablet users, to connect seamlessly to a live agent, who receives session information, customer history, preferences, location, browsing activity, and other contextual information for authentication, faster service and effortless experiences.

    With Vocalcom Mobile, customers can get to the answers they need through an visual dialogue designed for smartphones, see how long they'll be on hold, choose to get a call back, or connect via chat. Read Vocalcom contact center software reviews. The mobile apps become the omni-channel link to the customer. Personal, relevant, context-aware and direct - allowing organizations to deliver faster customer service. Vocalcom Mobile Engagement empower agents with a complete customer view, real-time context, and conversation history for a faster customer service and a highly personalized mobile customer experience. Vocalcom Mobile Customer Service Software bridges the gap between self service and traditional customer service contact channels. It does this by allowing the customer to conveniently connect to a live agent without having to repeat any information such as their user profile, location, name, account number, the nature of the call or navigate through complex IVR menus. This results in significantly reduced call handle times and streamlined customer experience. The availability of rich customer information at the onset of an interaction empower agents to improve customer response times and overall customer satisfaction.

  • Mobile Customer Service Software

    WebRTC for Voice and Face-to-Face Interactions right from the browser

    There is nothing more engaging than a face-to-face conversation

    Empower agents to deliver personalized customer experience, decrease customer care response time, and achieve customer service excellence. Using internet video as a communications channel differentiates your company's internet presence and streamlines your customer mobile experience. By introducing WebRTC in the contact center world, Vocalcom enables video everywhere, on any device, from smartphones and tablets with no need for additional software or plug-ins installed by the customer — dramatically improving agents efficiency, sales effectiveness and customer experiences while reducing costs through efficiency gains.

    Your Contact Center can quickly and fully support WebRTC calls with minimal integration and agent training. WebRTC or Web Real Time Communications, is an exciting new technology that enables video, voice, instant messaging, file transfer and screen sharing from a native browser. Imagine being able to place a voice call or start a video call from your browser, without downloading special plug-ins or apps to your mobile or tablet. Now think how this change the customer service industry and you can see why we're pretty excited about it. The use of WebRTC for the contact center is going to change the game, creating incredible mobile customer experiences, adding comfort and trust to the whole experience. The company's website now becomes its contact center front end. WebRTC standardizes communications, creating the bridges for video, audio and data communications leveraging the power of the browser and real-time interactions. To sum up, webRTC can help raise revenues, improve service, enable differentiation through easy to access multimedia customer service, and it can accomplish all of this while saving your enterprise considerable telecom costs. Learn more about how webRTC can allow any employee to answer the call of the customer, no matter where they are located. All they need is a login and a browser to access rich contact center functionality, including voice and video communications with customers. Enhance customer intimacy powering up your mobile apps with rich communications capabilities. Multimedia interactions can be recorded to address compliance requirements.

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