Interactive Personalized Video

Are you ready to modernize your customer service and transform your digital marketing campaigns into relevant, engaging and ROI-driving experiences? Vocalcom Personalized Video Platform provides an end-to-end technology that automatically generate customer-relevant content in real-time.

The world's leading realtime video personalization solution

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Inspire customers
Create one-to-one connections with your customers through the emotional storytelling and compelling nature of video. A million unique videos for a million customers, creating strong bonds with each and every one of them.
Make it personal
Gain your customers’ attention with content that matters to them. Videos are tailored based on profile, historical and situational data attributes that are personalized to the individual, leveraging your CRM and data.
Make it easy
Provide seamless, efficient, ultra-personalized customer service. Videos are generated when a viewer clicks play, and can be delivered through multiple channels for viewing on tablets, smartphones, and desktops.
Unlock business value
By building personal relationships that drive retention & satisfaction. Vocalcom crafts videos tailored to an audience of one with information relevant and specific to each customer, through its unique ability to leverage real-time data.
The Evolution From Segmentation To Individualization

Create Unique Customer Experiences. Every time.

Create personalized videos for each and every customer. Our Personalized Video Cloud Platform helps companies build customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal, and productive. Address your customers personally with a relevant offer, attract their attention, and increase your brand engagement. Our technology allows for automatic massive video production within seconds.

Personalized Video Engagement Platform

On-The-Fly Personalized Video.

Add something new to your relationship – our technology drives exceptional results: 15x higher ROI than any other digital marketing communication channel. So start communicating with customers in the most personal, effective, and memorable way. Turn video, sound and data into engaging, dynamic and personal experiences. For capturing and holding attention, nothing surpasses video.

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Whether played from an email, a text message, your customer portal, or a mobile app, Vocalcom Personalized Video is generated on the fly and personalized to the individual based on real-time data, ensuring experiences that truly matter to the viewer and that only the most recent account status, billing details, statement delivery, pricing and deals are delivered.

You can proactively onboard new customers or change subscribers with a personalized video that reduces call volume and generates positive customer experiences. The Vocalcom Platform can also leverage customer profiles and call-specific data to personalize the video of the resolution recap, provide tips on how to self-serve, or recommend relevant products.

Each video is individualized and customized on the fly with the data of your customer. The customer interacts in real time in the video, and can see an order confirmation, a detailed explanation of his bill, receive personalized coupons, discover an individual offer on your website, answer a survey, or access your customer service or sales team in 1 click!

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