Supercharged Dialer for Salesforce Increase Productivity by 400%

Boost Sales Team Competitiveness and Performance with Vocalcom Supercharged Dialer™

Optimize calls and response time to qualify more leads. Vocalcom Supercharged Dialer™ for Salesforce radically improves the sales communications experience by providing one-click call, email, fax, SMS, inbound / outbound availability, robust reporting and analytics — seamlessly integrated with your Salesforce layout.

You’ll get proven results including: improved contact ratios, increased call volume, markedly improved sales operations, and dramatically higher sales.

  • No manual dialing. No more time wasted figuring out who to call
  • Respond to hot web leads in seconds
  • Leave pre-recorded voice messages, and automatically log calls to Salesforce
  • Managers get mobile call reporting, call monitoring and recording

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    Give your team the power to radically transform and accelerate your sales. The Vocalcom edition for Salesforce is so easy to configure and use, your cloud dialer can be up and running in hours, so let's start your free trial now.

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