WebRTC Solution for your Contact Center

Vocalcom WebRTC Solution provides a simplified, secure channel of communication including voice, video, and data over the Web and mobile apps.

  • WebRTC Solution

    The New Frontier in Cloud Contact Center Solutions!

    Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership by a such as 50%

    Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) is a new technology that enables web browsers to participate in audio, video, and engage in screen sharing collaboration. This breakthrough technology extends the power of contact center with single browser interface that functions as phone without the need for plug-ins or telephony infrastructure. Built using cutting-edge technology, Vocalcom WebRTC Solution transforms your browser into a full-featured agent desktop with a phone. Customers can initiate contact with a company representative or customer service agent directly from the website and without the need to install an additional third-party application. Website visitors experience seamless integration of multi-channel communications, including real-time, voice only and face-to-face video calls. Vocalcom WebRTC service is the first cloud contact center with zero on-premise hardware, software, and telephony infrastructure. Check Vocalcom WebRTC Service capabilities and benefits.

    Customers that want to call a business while browsing a website or mobile app have to change mediums by picking up the phone to speak to a representative. During this process the previous interaction context is lost, leading to customer frustration, or worse: loss of business.

    Vocalcom WebRTC solution provides the following benefits:

    Improved customer experience and retention – By giving customers direct access to contact center agents at the point and place where it’s needed, avoiding the IVR, and by adding video to provide a human touch, companies will be able to improve customer satisfaction, see an increase of NPS ratings, and recover customer relationships that would otherwise be lost.

    Improved agent experience – By adding video and high-definition audio, agents will appreciate that they will now see the people they help and enjoy a better overall experience. This in turn has an impact on customer perception.

    Increased first call resolution (FCR) rates, lowered average handle time (AHT) – Contacts coming in through websites or mobile apps will be 100% pre-qualified before getting routed to the appropriate agent. This will help get rid of call-routing IVR and significantly reduce average handling time while improving first contact resolution.

    Cost savings – By deflecting calls from the PSTN (public switched telephone network) and having them originate on a Website or mobile app, companies will be able to avoid PSTN costs and process the incoming calls using Internet telephony instead. Vocalcom WbRTC Platform delivers audio as standard SIP calls.

    The Vocalcom WebRTC platform integrates with Vocalcom® cloud contact center platform, for quick access to real-time customer data including estimated wait times through agent screen-pops.

  • WebRTC Solution

    Improve agent productivity and enhance workforce utilization

    Create a compelling contact center experience using video

    Inspired by modern web design and consumer-driven applications, the fresh look of Vocalcom Cloud contact center is designed especially for today’s multichannel contact center agent. Within a single user interface and with minimal clutter, Vocalcom Cloud contact center puts the customer record front and center, with the most critical and recent information in clear view. The agent can then drill-down easily for more details – since all of the customer’s interaction history, across every channel, is there in one place. Collect contextual data from a visitor’s web sessions and forward it to the Vocalcom Cloud contact center as attached data. The solution can also be deployed quickly, is intuitive and easy to use, and with WebRTC delivery, all users need is a browser and internet connection and they can effectively work from anywhere. WebRTC is one of the most disruptive internet technologies for the contact center we’ve seen in years.

    Mobile customer service needs improvement. And the most appropriate use for WebRTC in the contact center is within existing mobile applications so that customers can start a voice or video conversation with minimal effort. The advantage of this over traditional calling is that customers don’t need to leave the application or navigate an IVR to reach a live agent. They gain a better experience and their data is used to find the right agent and educate that agent on their previous interactions. It removes multiple steps from the support interaction, enhancing the customer experience by reducing effort. The Vocalcom WebRTC Platform will extend the spectrum of the omni-channel customer experience beyond Web chat and audio communication to include video and co-browsing and facilitate a seamless transition from self-service to live service while preserving the context of previous interactions.

  • WebRTC Solution

    Advanced multichannel routing and queuing capabilities

    Comprehensive business insights with real-time and historical reporting

    Cut communication costs and improve TCO by reducing the need for dedicated 800# line subscriptions. Take advantage of the latest WebRTC-enabled browser phone, right inside the Vocalcom Cloud contact center desktop, to give your workforce the freedom to work anywhere with zero requirements for landline phone, PBX, or software downloads. With Vocalcom Cloud contact center, you get a breakthrough, integrated agent desktop that will transform your agent experience and give you a simple way to add multichannel and social capabilities to your cloud contact center. Whether it's a phone call, face-to-face video call, email, chat session, SMS, Facebook post or Tweet, the message and phone panels in Vocalcom Cloud contact center are integrated within a single window, making it easy-to-use and faster to respond without having to switch applications.

    Vocalcom WebRTC solution will give consumers direct access to contact center agents at crucial moments in the customer journey, helping to prevent consumer dissatisfaction and enable companies to recover at-risk customer relationships that would otherwise be lost. The Vocalcom WebRTC solution will also enable the ability for a conversation to lead to a one-way or two-way video session, adding an extra bit of personal touch in the engagement.

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