WebRTC Solution for your Contact Center

Vocalcom WebRTC Solution provides a simplified, secure channel of communication including voice, video, and data over the Web and mobile apps.

Vocalcom WebRTC Contact Center Software

The customer experience is best when it’s seamless — WebRTC allows for click-to-call communications, creating a new channel for users to communicate with the enterprise. This feature streamlines communications and is easily embeddable in any company website or email signature. This means customers do not have to scour the website to find the right number to call, and then have to turn to another channel -- meaning, a landline or mobile phone -- to place the call. Rather, they can place calls directly from a company's webpage by clicking a button. With the use of high-definition (HD) voice, the customer also experiences improved call quality.

Vocalcom WebRTC Service

WebRTC allows support agents to receive and answer calls inside their browsers without requiring complex computer-telephony integration and plug-ins.

  • Click-through voice and video calls directly from the Web
  • Easy to use and to manage a flexible workforce, sales and service teams or contact center
  • Contextual user data can be associated with the calls
  • Software-only, standards-based, zero foot-print integration—no plug-ins, downloads, or installs
  • All web client calls can be recorded, with recordings stored in the cloud
  • Connect and route calls anywhere in the world. Intelligent global-media routing makes service quality great, regardless of where web users are in the world, in real time
  • Easily build intelligent on-hold experiences for your client users
  • TCO reduction from replacing costly dedicated 800# lines
  • Secure communications with signaling/media encryption and firewall traversal
  • Easy deployment with minimum disruption to existing customer service operation
  • Full integration with Vocalcom SIP virtual customer service solution
  • WebRTC APIs for application development, customization, and enhancement
  • Real time access to performance
  • Seamless disaster recovery as standard