Top Considerations When Making a Hosted Call Center Investment

Top Considerations When Making a Hosted Call Center Investment

Your business is constantly evolving, and you need a hosted call center solution that keeps up with growth and seasonal demand. If you’re currently on the lookout for a hosted call center solution, don’t be too hasty when it comes to investing. Instead, look for a solution that supports both your current needs as well as your future projections:

·         Support flexible staffing. In this age of channel preference and multi-channel customers, an intelligent virtual router allows contact center staff to handle calls, e-mail and mobile and Web chat quickly and easily so you can maximize agent productivity.

·         Add notes and collaborate easily. A detailed explanation is sometimes necessary for the next service rep accessing the account. Collaboration among agents is critical to help provide a seamless customer relationship from contact to contact.

·         Customize automation rules. To treat high-value customers differently from repeat customers or contract renewals from those at risk of defection, look for a solution that allows you to customize your business rules in multiple ways to meet the unique needs of all your customers.

·         Consolidate customer data. To make decisions based on a holistic customer view, ensure that your hosted solution can consolidate multiple data streams – such as customer satisfaction surveys and real-time recording – into a single customer interface.

·         Make intelligent business decisions. Robust analytics will help you maximize and improve call performance, generate significant cost savings and stay out in front of customer service trends so you can plan for the long-term.

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