CRM Driven Customer Journey

Put your CRM and Customer Data at the heart of your Customer Engagement Strategy

With Hermes Universal Connector, easily enable any CRM with best of breed Omnichannel contact center functions and let your CRM drive your in and outbound CX strategies.

Offer a seamless and personalized customer experience with Hermes Omnichannel, Universal CRM Connector

Vocalcom offers a range of CRM connectors, so that you can drive your customer engagement strategy with customer data and boost your agents’ productivity with real-time customer history and context.

Offer a seamless agent experience

With Vocalcom Hermes Omnichannel, Universal CRM Connector, your agent can work from their CRM, enjoying a 360° view of their final customers and a unified agent experience, no matter which channels are used.

Drive a true omnichannel strategy with your CRM

Communicate with your customers on their channels of choice, at any moment in time, while providing your agents with a comprehensive view of each customer’s history. With Hermes Omnichannel, Universal CRM Connector, when dealing with an outbound or inbound call or message (social, chat, email), agents will access the conversation via a CTI toolbar, triggering the pop-up of CRM data.

Create personalized customer journey

Drive your customer contact management strategy with CRM data. Now you can access customer data from Hermes IVR, or when designing a proactive engagement campaign, for smart, personalized omnichannel, predictive customer journey. With Hermes and your CRM combined, deliver the right message, at the right moment, through the right channel.


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IVR Script and campaign strategy designer with CRM Data Integration

Easily create a routing script, IVR script or proactive campaign workflow accessing CRM data at each customer journey touchpoint. Interactions are now relying on common knowledge and experience between agents and final customers.  IVRs are created with CRM integrations, querying objects, inserting, and modifying data, and executing flows. Outbound activities are triggered and fed by CRM data or personalized engagement strategies. Of course, IVRs can distribute calls to queues or not.

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Connection to virtually any CRM

Connect your contact center to your CRM of choice:  Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Zendesk, Hubspot…  Easily and rapidly create connector module with any other business applications you might be using. We are enhancing our CRM / CX convergence strategy with off the shelf Connectors with leading CRMs (Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot…) and open API to connect to any business applications.

Vocalcom offers a native CTI integration with Salesforce to manage your contact center directly from Salesforce.

Cloud & On Premise

Hermes Universal CRM Connector is available for public cloud contact center, private cloud contact center or on-premise contact center.

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