Contact Center Satisfaction Surveys

Monitor customer satisfaction in real time across all channels

Boost your agents’ performance and know when to take action by measuring customer satisfaction immediately after each interaction.

Use customer feedback to your advantage

Since customer satisfaction and loyalty, and your NPS depend on the quality of your customer service, Vocalcom lets you track customer satisfaction in real time across all channels. Make the most of the comments received through Vocalcom’s satisfaction survey tool —improve customer experience and your brand image

Measure customer satisfaction in real time

Capture customer comments and NPS in real time after each interaction, on all of your communication channels.

Make decisions quickly

Improve your customer service by taking corrective measures immediately to address dissatisfaction.

Improve your agents’ performance and quality

Leverage reports and real-time supervision to give relevant feedback to your agents and increase their engagement and quality of service.
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Measure customer satisfaction after each interaction

Collect customer feedback and determine your NPS at the exact moment when customer impressions are the most relevant and precise, on the same channel: phone, text messaging, email, chat or social media. Increase the rate and quality of customer feedback!


Take action immediately with intuitive tools

Track customer satisfaction using reports, real-time dashboards, and visual, easy-to-use satisfaction surveys. Take action right when you need to by adjusting the script, giving agents feedback, etc.

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Evaluate your customers' mood with Contact Center Satisfaction Surveys

To complete the data from the satisfaction survey, your agents can evaluate customers’ mood at the end of each interaction, across all channels. Analyzing discrepancies can help their supervisor find areas for improvement and create a plan to guide each agent.

Performance-enhancing surveys

Vocalcom’s survey and analysis tools are designed to give you essential information to improve your effectiveness.

Customizable satisfaction surveys

Choose the satisfaction criteria and evaluation method that suit you best: stars, grades, etc.

Real-time satisfaction indicators

Measure customer satisfaction in real time, on the initial communication channel used.


View comprehensive reports of survey results—overall, by channel and by agent.

Other capabilities


Supervise your contact center’s activity and your agents’ performance across all communication channels in real time with intuitive, customizable dashboards.

Reporting & Analytics

Benefit from powerful trend analysis tools to develop a 360° view of your activity across all channels and make the right decisions quickly.

Quality Management

Improve customer service quality and your teams’ engagement with high-performing tools to capture, measure and manage the quality of agents’ work.

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