Omnichannel Contact Center

Effortless customer engagement across all channels

With Vocalcom’s omnichannel cloud contact center solution, manage your inbound and outbound contacts across all interaction channels on a single unified platform.

Offer a seamless omnichannel customer experience

To meet the challenges of digital customer journeys and offer a  streamlined customer experience, Vocalcom’s all-in-one omnichannel contact center solution lets you manage all of your customer interactions like a single conversation thread, no matter what channel they’re on: phone, text messaging, email, web forms, chat, or social media. 

Inbound & Outbound calls

Manage your inbound and outbound calls on a unified platform, with smart routing to the most qualified agent and powerful predictive dialing capabilities that increase your agents’ productivity.


Customize our email templates, add URLs and attach documents from a unified library. Vocalcom's omnichannel software analyzes email contents to optimize message routing : most competent agent, VIP queue, …

Social media & Instant Messaging

Give your customers unlimited choices so they can communicate via their preferred social network or instant messaging app: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, etc.

Live chat

With our native chat solution, offer on-request or proactive chat and personalize the interface to match your graphic charter. Your agents can enhance productivity by chatting with several customers at once.

Web forms

Give customers the ability to contact you through your website and boost your growth with quick web callbacks. With our predictive dialer, your agents can spend more time handling customer requests.


Interact with customers effortlessly using Vocalcom’s native text messaging solution. Improve customer satisfaction and reduce call volume to your agents by adding text messaging to your omnichannel strategy.

Manage all customer interactions with a unified interface

The Vocalcom omnichannel contact center provides a single cloud platform for all customer interactions, across all channels, and improves your agents’ efficiency. Start discuting on one channel and switch to another to provide an effective and seamless response to each customer request, or add another channel with just a few clicks.

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Give personalized responses with all customer info at your fingertips

Benefit from an omnichannel contact center designed to improve customer satisfaction. Your agents have access to all contextual customer data and their interaction history across all channels. They recognize each customer and can restart the conversation anytime with ease to provide a quick and personalized response.

Increase productivity with media blending

Your agents can use the media blending capabilities of Vocalcom’s omnichannel contact center to manage several channels during the same time frame: phone, chat, email, WhatsApp, SMS etc. Their versatility improves and so does your flexibility, making it easy to adjust to contact volumes on each channel.

Supervise your performance across all channels

Vocalcom’s omnichannel contact center features real-time dashboards and activity reports spanning all channels, all within an intuitive interface, optimizing your agents’ efficiency on each channel. Our smart tools facilitate quick decisions and improve customer satisfaction!

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Engage your customers with a high-performance Omnichannel Contact Center
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