Call Center Solutions

Manage your customer relations with greater agility

With Vocalcom’s cloud call center solution, manage customer interactions across all channels—phone, text messaging, email, web, chat and social media—through a unified platform that can be accessed from anywhere.

An all-in-one cloud solution for managing your call center and customer service

Offer impeccable customer service and increase the impact of your outbound call campaigns with the leading call center solution, available in cloud and on-premise versions. With the all-in-one intuitive platform for managing your inbound and outbound contacts, offer a streamlined experience for both customers and agents across all communication channels.

Inbound & Outbound Calls

Adopt the best inbound and outbound call center technology to provide exceptional customer service and optimize your agents’ productivity.


Engage with customers effortlessly across all channels, through a unified interface with a comprehensive view of their data and journeys.

Reports & Analytics

With Vocalcom’s solution, exploit your call center data in real time to make quick decisions and improve your operating efficiency.


Personalize customer interactions by integrating your call center solution with your CRM and your other business applications.

AI & Automation

Harness the potential of artificial intelligence to increase customer satisfaction and improve your call center’s efficiency.


Benefit from a wide range of technologies and the best security features to deploy a call center solution that fits your specific needs.

Improve your agility with our cloud call center solutions

Make remote work easier and add agents in only a few minutes thanks to the flexibility and scalability of our cloud call center solutions. Our AWS-based cloud call center solutions can be deployed in just a few hours, enabling you to adjust your resources and guarantee the best possible level of customer satisfaction.

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Improve your agents’ experience

Agent experience is a key factor in customer satisfaction. Give your agents a more comfortable set-up and reduce the need for training with a call center solution featuring a highly intuitive, unified interface and a comprehensive overview of the customer journey—across all communication channels.


Manage your contact center from Salesforce

With the Vocalcom Salesforce Edition cloud solution, natively available in Salesforce, manage your call center and all of your customer interactions in Salesforce. Offer a personalized, omnichannel customer experience while improving your agents’ productivity.

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Vocalcom is a world leader and international supplier of cloud-based call center solutions for customer service, sales, telemarketing and debt collection. Our call center solution enables you to manage your inbound and outbound customer contacts across all communication channels within a single unified platform.

20 years of expertise in customer experience and call center solutions

For 20 years, Vocalcom has been supporting companies of all sizes and in all industries with its robust, high-performing call center solution for managing customer interactions and offering an effortless omnichannel experience.

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Vocalcom’s local experts provide multifaceted support for the deployment of your call center and customer service solution. Our consulting, professional training and customer success management services ensure hassle-free deployment of your project.