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A world leader of cloud-based omnichannel contact center solutions for customer service, sales, marketing and debt collection

With a DNA firmly entrenched in innovation, Vocalcom designs, develops, and deploys cloud and on-premise contact center technologies designed to simplify the management of customer interactions on all channels and offer an exceptional experience

Vocalcom builds the customer service of tomorrow

Vocalcom implements a new strategy, propelled by the appointment of Nicolas Mestchersky, CEO of the company, surrounded by a new management team that is solid, aligned, and engaged. The ambition of Nicolas Mestchersky is to pave a new path for Vocalcom in the area of customer service.


A clear development strategy

Vocalcom, a global leader of omnichannel contact center solutions since 1995, is pursuing its business development by investing in part in the most promising markets, while also continuing to establish its leadership positioning in historical markets.

« We wish to develop our business in the countries of Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa while maintaining our leadership position in the market of European outsourcers.” Nicolas Mestchersky, CEO

“We have a clear strategy for the next three years and we will reunite all of our international skills to achieve all of our common goals.” Ombeline Bernard-Manusset Allant, Chief Revenue Officer

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Vocalcom products, at the heart of innovation

Vocalcom capitalizes on its strengths and skills to adhere to a new dynamic in which innovation and transformation are the key words.

“We are going to remain and become a privileged partner for all companies that place productivity and predictive engagement driven by customer data within their customer strategies.”  Karine Palacios, CPO

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Vocalcom, leader of cloud and on-premise contact center solutions recognized for the past 25 years for its “voice dialer,” is evolving its offer toward a multichannel solution in order to allow brands to offer their customers the right channel at the right time with the relevant information. We work, hand in hand, with our business and technological partners, in order to offer you the best of customer service technology, everywhere in the world.


years of expertise in customer engagement


users in 47+ countries across five continents


customers worldwide

1 Billion

interactions processed annually

An omnichannel platform that puts flexibility and agility first for your contact center

Innovation from square one

Our extensive range of innovative solutions, designed to meet the end user’s needs, gives contact center managers quick and easy access to best practices, and to the tools they need for effective omnichannel interaction.

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Cloud scalability

Our cloud contact center solution scales up and down to adapt quickly to your needs with “instant-on” integration of new features. It evolves along with your business and enables your agents to improve customer satisfaction, no matter where they are.

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All-in-one simplicity

Our all-in-one solution gives agents an intuitive interface with a simple, comprehensive view of each customer’s information and journey so they can provide an exceptional experience over all communication channels.

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More flexibility for more agility

Our platform provides the flexibility needed for the best customer experience, on any communication channel, and integrates seamlessly with your business applications for end-to-end management of the customer journey.

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Trusted by over 1 400 customers

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Worldwide coverage with local support

Our 15 offices and wide-ranging network of partners on 4 continents enable Vocalcom to mobilize local teams to analyze your needs, then set up, customize and maintain your call center solution to guarantee your success.

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