Hybrid Cloud
Call Center Software

The most flexible way to reduce costs and run a high-performning cloud call center solution without completely replacing existing assets

  • Call center software as a service

    The most flexible way to modernize your call center software

    Increasing business agility while reducing costs & time to market

    Call center software, traditionally housed in on-premises data centers has made the great leap forward to the Web. The Vocalcom call center solution is integrated with all the leading call distributors and CTI platforms. This integration includes seamless links to both on-premises and cloud-based systems, enabling businesses slowly make the switch to the cloud without completely replacing existing assets or having to make the full jump to a hosted call center software. This hybrid cloud-computing model lets you easily deploy a modern call center software solution without a huge investment in software or hardware. Read Vocalcom call center software reviews

    Enterprises are adopting hybrid cloud call center solutions to bring rapid innovation and flexibility to customer interaction channels, especially as consumers’ engagement preferences evolve. Vocalcom keeps your communications and sensitive data in-house, and unleash the full power of the cloud to run your call center software apps. They also want the choice between shifting entirely to the cloud - or extending their on-premises system, while maintaining a full suite of enterprise-class solutions and security. The move to the cloud by Enterprises is driven by the need to reduce call center solution total cost of ownership and to increase flexibility. Vocalcom Cloud call center software brings the most complete portfolio of on-demand functionalities for call centers available today, for marketing, sales and customer service. These Hybrid Cloud call center software options offer a proven speed to market with a complete set of customer engagement applications, which can be rapidly deployed with a flexible pricing models, minimal capital expenditure and limited IT staff support.

  • Web-based call center software solution

    Powering next-generation of call center software solutions

    Hybrid cloud implementations span on-premise & cloud deployments

    Vocalcom's Hybrid Cloud call center software solution directly addresses the needs of Enterprises who are experiencing both dynamic changes and tremendous customer engagement opportunities. Combining on-premise and cloud models greatly expands the capabilities of existing in-house application infrastructures, while maintaining compliance requirements, security level and your current telephony connectivity on-site. In contrast to conventional call center software, our call center software is delivered via the cloud as a service.

    Vocalcom’s call center software includes a soft-phone that works with the most popular telephony platforms. The hybrid model provides the flexibility to integrate with existing on premise telephony or multi-vendor application environments, allowing customers to migrate to the cloud based on their unique business requirements. The Vocalcom hybrid cloud call center software solution addresses a full range of business needs, including outbound proactive communication voice, web, email, chat, video, WebRTC, mobile apps, business analytics, and unprecedented cross-channel capabilities. Find out why 60% of Companies Prefer Hybrid Cloud Call Center Solutions.

  • Call center software made just for you

    Leverage the power of a call center solution made just for you

    Run your call center software with limited IT support

    To put together a multichannel call center solution with traditional call center software, you’ll need to interconnect a host of technologies from an array of vendors—a costly, complex, and risky proposition. With Vocalcom’s call center software solution, your agents gain a single integrated platform to deliver consistently fast support across all channels. In contrast with on-premises call center software, our call center software turns any Web browser into the most powerful and easy-to-use agent desktop. With comprehensive tools, a single-click user interface, and seamless computer telephony, your agents can consistently deliver quick answers.

    A complete call center solution that include also, collaboration tools, agent performance optimization capabilities and extensive mobile customer experience enhancement solutions. Whether your goal is to modernize your call center software, increase your workforce efficiency or deliver better customer experiences, Vocalcom offers an open and scalable call center software platform that efficiently fits in your existing enterprise architecture and reduces total cost of ownership. At Vocalcom that's what we do the best!

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