Customer Service Call Center

A cloud omnichannel contact center solution for exceptional customer service

Vocalcom’s all-in-one call center and customer service software is a powerful and flexible solution for managing your inbound and outbound contacts across all interaction channels.

Offer an exceptional experience to your customers and agents

Whether your agents are in the office or working from home, give them the best technology: a comprehensive, intuitive customer service call center solution that facilitates personalized customer interactions across all channels.

Deliver an omnichannel experience

With Vocalcom’s customer service software, all of your call center interactions across different channels are managed like a single conversation thread.

Improve your agents’ experience

Benefit from an intuitive interface with the full details of the customer journey across all channels to provide relevant and personalized responses.

Supervise your KPIs in real time

Optimize your agents’ efficiency, resource allocation and customer serviceperformance with real-time dashboards and detailed call center activity reports.

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Offer a truly omnichannel customer experience

Manage all of your customer interactions—over voice, text messaging, email, web forms, chat, instant messaging and social media—from our unified customer service call center platform. Its intuitive interface shows your agents the complete record of customer interactions across all channels, for a seamless experience.

Advanced features that improve customer satisfaction

Automatically route your contacts to the most qualified agent, manage your queues, adjust your customer journeys in real-time based on current events or the customer context, facilitate self-service and more. Our customer service call center solution was designed for an exceptional customer experience.


Personalize your customer experience

Access customers’ contextual information with a customer service platform that integrates with the leading CRM applications—Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.And with the Vocalcom Salesforce Edition solution, manage your call centerdirectly from Salesforce!

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Optimize your customer service performances in real time

Access intuitive real-time dashboards, activity reports and quality management tools to improve agents’ performance, achieve your business objectives and increase customer satisfaction.

Rich features that improve customer satisfaction

Smart contact routing

Improve customer satisfaction and your agility with skills-based routing combined with an IVR system that can be adjusted in real time.

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Media blending

Optimize your teams’ productivity by giving each agent the ability to handle calls, chat, text messaging and social media simultaneously.

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Intuitive admin console

Configure your services’ settings with just a few clicks in an easy-to-use admin console : queue, overflow, welcome messages and operating hours.

Satisfaction surveys

Measure customer satisfaction and your NPS at the end of each interaction to improve the quality of your customer service.

Quality management

Deploy a wide range of tools to improve the quality of your agents’ work: call listening, whispering, chat, and voice and screen recording.

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AI-ready solution

Integrate your Vocalcom solution with your chatbots and artificial intelligence tools to improve customer satisfaction.

Automated outbound calls

Increase your agents’ productivity on outbound calls with our powerful automated dialer, available in preview, progressive and predictive modes.

Cloud or on-premise platform

Choose the technology that best meets your technical, operational and financial constraints while enjoying the same features.

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