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Vocalcom Hermes Digital Journey: Engage with your customers on their channels of choice

Vocalcom and Infobip combine their expertise to help you build targeted customer journeys. Hermes Digital Journey brings together the Infobip ubiquitous social channels offer with the leading Vocalcom voice and digital contacts solution. Now you can engage on the right channel at the right moment with the right message and build customer advocacy at optimal cost.

Deliver the right message at the right time through the right channel

With Hermes Digital Journey (HDJ), resolve the outbound dilemma. Go beyond outbound calls regulations and legal constraints in your business area, by creating true and engaging customer experiences. With our solution, easily adapt to your new customers habits, be available through the channels your clients prefer, and deliver the experience which will delight your customers.

Give your customers the experience that suits their goals best

Vocalcom advanced contact center solution combined with Infobip’s extensive social messenger portfolio and AI-powered chatbot solutions will revolutionize your customer engagement.

Now you can adapt to your customers roles and goals, offering them the channel that suits them best at any time: Email, Voice Call, Call Back, Livechat, twitter, apple messages, WhatsApp, messenger …

Go beyond the outbound engagement dilemma

On one hand, all brands want to engage proactively with their customers to anticipate customers’ needs and control costs. On the other hand, end users and legislators want to protect privacy and personal data. This dilemma is making proactive engagement strategies difficult to implement. With Vocalcom HDJ, you can choose the right, creative combination of channels, in or outbound, and build predictive engagement strategies, replacing intrusion with acceptance.

Don’t choose between customer bound and agent productivity

Now you can build predictive engagement strategies, reconciling agent productivity and experience, with Customer acceptance and loyalty.

The powerful Vocalcom dialer and outbound campaign algorithm, combined with Infobip’s connectors to any social channels, helps you create truly profitable customer journeys.

Partnership for accelerated innovation

Vocalcom is always looking for new solutions to help you adapt your customer experience (CX) to increased regulations and changing consumer habits. You need to support your customers at every stage of the buying journey with contextualized interactions across the channels they prefer. With this in mind, Vocalcom created a new technology partnership with Infobip, and created Hermes Digital Journey. This solution brings the best of both worlds : an inbound and outbound Voice and Digital Contact solution combined with universal instant messaging and embedded chatbots. 

They Trust Vocalcom

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Start the Digital transformation of your customer service

Guide your clients through their digital journey, by being when and where they need you. Meet your customers during their product search by adding conversational options, extend service business hours by offering self-service options, automate simple services such as delivery status update, account balances, appointment scheduling by introducing a chatbot, facilitate access to your services by enabling the digital channels your users use…

With the Vocalcom Omnichannel CX solution, anticipate your customers’ desires, engage with them proactively and build loyalty by offering services before they ask for it.


Boost sales at lower cost with Hermes digital service

With Vocalcom Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform, generate more leads thanks to digital channels combined with voice calls. Turn browsing your website into a differentiated experience. Proactively and dynamically propose virtual assistant conversations to your customers at the right stage of their journey. Push your product information when relevant, based on users’ real-time behaviors’ analytics, combined with historical data provided by your CRM.  

With Hermes Digital Journey, know who your clients are, what they have purchased and how to keep them engaged.

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Boost lead conversion with omnichannel telemarketing

Boost your lead generation with HDJ proactive options combining best-of-breed Vocalcom predictive dialer with Infobip outbound social channels. Easily make your telemarketing appointment booking through your suspect preferred channels offering them scheduled or immediate callbacks. Hermes dialer will then schedule the calls and distribute them to best-skilled agent. It also detects voicemail and helps you increase your contact rate.

With Hermes Digital Journey, your agents spend quality time with customers and prospects on the phone, while following local regulations.


Reinvent the collections experience

Boost your collections results with Vocalcom Omnichannel Collections Solution. Engage your customers with targeted messages as a new way of recovering debts: integrate a payment gateway into your chatbot, generate and send payment links through digital channels, make credit card updates easy with a secured chatbot, simplify online payments on digital channels, make sensitive interactions more comfortable with digital channels…

Rich features that improve the Customer Journey

All social channels through one interface

In a single interface, we manage all your social messaging requests. WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, Live Chat, Instagram, Apple messages… Hermes Digital Journey give you access to 15 social messengers through 200 operators across the world.

24/7 Service

Be available when your customers are. Extend your customer service beyond business hours by enabling a chatbot. Fully automate simple services and prequalify complex services to a list of tasks to be assigned when your agents connect.

Visual IVR

Guide your customers with Hermes Digital Journey’s chatbot AI-powered by Infobip. Use our bot as a Visual IVR to route customer requests and guide them. It provides a deep decision tree experience to your user and helps you understand their needs better in order to find the right skills.

Conversational chatbot with human escalation

Automate routing transaction on social channels with AI-powered chatbots.  If the conversation complexity increases and requires human skills, then the whole context is transmitted to the best agent.

Timeline Widget

Thanks to Hermes contact management function, all interactions with a customer are visible to any agent involved in a conversation with that customer.

File Management

Develop a quicker way to solve your customer’s problems. Agents and users are able to share files, such as product guides, order forms, pictures to show damaged good for a delivery claim … transforming each interaction into an agile experience.

New predictive Engagement

With Hermes Digital Journey you can mix and match inbound and outbound and any social channels to build targeted customer journeys with the right choice of channels at each customer touchpoint.

Predefined Answers widget

For each campaign, you can set up a list of predefined answers, that can be simple texts or rich content (video, image, link to website).

Cloud and On Premise

The Vocalcom Hermes Digital Journey cloud contact center solution adapts your hosting choices and constraints. You can opt for a global shared or dedicaded cloud solution or even a private on- premise platform.

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