Reporting & Analytics

Improve the performance of your reporting with Vocalcom's monitoring and analysis tools

With Vocalcom contact center software, gain operational and managerial efficiency, measure your performance in real time and view your production statistics with ease.

Take your reporting to the next level

Manage your business and flows with ease with intuitive dashboards. React quickly on all your channels thanks to a personalized configuration of all reports. Thanks to Vocalcom Quality Management tools, evaluate the effectiveness of your agents and support them on their skills development.

Call Monitoring & Supervision

Vocalcom's supervision and monitoring tools, enable you to access and optimize your agents' performance across all your channels, in real time. In a single interface, find all your KPIs on inbound and outbound contacts.


Easily exploit your data with Vocalcom's reports and dashboards. Access many performance indicators in just a few clicks and develop a 360° global vision of your activities, for quick and easy decision-making.

Quality Management

With Vocalcom's Quality Management solutions, capture every customer interaction and assess the quality of your agents' conversations. You can share areas for improvement in real time with them and thus strengthen the commitment of your teams. Our solution is easily configured, allowing you to name files as you like, for a simpler and more intuitive file search.

Satisfaction surveys

With Vocalcom surveys, measure customer satisfaction across all your channels. After each interaction, collect real-time customer feedback and your NPS. You will then be able to manage your customer satisfaction and quickly take the necessary measures for improvement.
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Customize your reporting & analytics

The Vocalcom interface allows you to customize your indicators: track more than 1000 kpis, on all your channels, both on your incoming and outgoing contacts. You can also personnalize your dashboards, modifying your interface, its content and layout, for clear, fast and engaging follow-up.

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Optimize your management and the performance of your agents

Achieve your goals, improve customer satisfaction,  and engage employees with Vocalcom monitoring tools and reports. Vocalcom reporting & analytics solutions allow you to monitor the performance of your campaigns in real time,  highlight key indicators, and therefore quickly and simply adapt the management of your agents and their interactions.

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