Contact Center Technology

Choose technology that fits your contact center needs

No matter what your constraints are, Vocalcom provides a wide range of technologies to create the best contact center platform for your environment.

Deploy a contact center that meets your technical and operational needs

With 25 years of experience in contact center management, Vocalcom offers solutions adapted to your IT environment and security requirements, for companies of any size and industry.

Cloud Solutions

Vocalcom has been offering cloud contact center solutions on AWS platforms since 2012 to keep up with modern, innovative companies’ requirements: flexibility, agility, security, scalability and remote management.

On-premise Solutions

Our solutions are also available in on-premise versions to best suit your technological and operational constraints—and our local deployment and technical teams around the world are always on hand to provide support.

High-Availability Environment

Secure your infrastructure and guarantee service continuity at any time. Vocalcom runs its contact center software in a high-availability environment and provides support for your disaster recovery plans (DRP).


With the WebRTC protocol, easily set up softphones at your agents’ workstations without installing software or hardware, all while securing your information transfers (phone calls, recordings, etc.)

Security & Compliance

Vocalcom’s contact center solutions meet international security and compliance standards (TCPA, GDPR) and integrate with your authentication systems (single sign-on, SAML v2, etc.)
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Gain agility, scalability and security with cloud solutions

With Vocalcom’s cloud solutions based on AWS, set up your contact center or add new agents in just a few hours. Use our multi-tenant or private cloud platforms distributed around the world to outsource your technical and staff costs and improve your flexibility, scalability and security.

Facilitate work from home

Whether your agents are located at different sites or working from home, Vocalcom’s cloud solutions provide the same features and remote supervision capabilities for all of your teams. Attract new talent with remote work and increase your agents’ engagement and motivation with flexible management.

Local teams on hand to support you

With 25 years of expertise, Vocalcom supports you through installation, deployment, training and maintenance with local teams on four continents. Thanks to our DevOps teams, we can enact specific developments and provide integration support.

Engage your customers with a high-performance call center technology
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