CCaaS : 5 good reasons to move your contact center to the cloud

In 2019, Gartner predicted that, by 2022, 50% of contact centers would adopt a contact center as a service (CCaaS) model—in other words, in the cloud. In the meantime, the COVID-19 health crisis and the multiple lockdowns accelerated this trend, in response to needs for contact center flexibility and customer experience quality improvement.

Still hesitating to move to the cloud? Look again at the 5 essential reasons to move your contact center to the cloud for delivering exceptional customer service.

Reason N°1 : Simplify your contact center deployment

One of the essential advantages of cloud technology lies in its simplicity and quick implementation, You can deploy your contact center in the cloud in less than 48 hours –whether it be to launch a new service, manage a crisis situation, or open new sites to increase your working capacity, while guaranteeing seamless solutions and processes. There’s no need to invest in IT infrastructures or affiliated resources: cloud solutions are turnkey and quickly operational, allowing you to manage your costs.

Reason N°2 : Gain agility and scalability to adapt quickly to current events

Thanks to the cloud’s scalability, companies can react quickly to current events, for example by instantly shifting all or part of their call center teams to a remote working model, while guaranteeing optimal remote team management by supervisors. Cloud contact center software is designed to guarantee optimal resource management in order to sustain customer service teams’ performance and productivity. From anticipating saturation or overflow risks by quickly adding new agents during activity peaks, to offering 24/7 customer service by leveraging remote agents available during varied timeslots, or even adding new skills accessible in a remote working mode with a simple internet connection – the cloud ensures adaptability and resilience which benefit both customer experience and satisfaction.

Reason N°3 : Take advantage of the newest innovations to improve your customer experience

With a cloud contact center solution, you can take advantage of a setting which is always up-to-date with the newest features. At any time, you can keep a contact center agile and productive with the benefit of intelligent routing of inbound contacts toward the most qualified agent and a powerful outbound automated dialer for increasing efficiency in your web lead callbacks or your appointment scheduling. You can also activate new interaction channels quickly –such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger—as customer usage evolves, with a 360° view of omnichannel customer interactions. You can also harness the power of the latest automation and artificial intelligence innovations. The objective? Offering an exceptional customer experience at all times.

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Reason N°4 : Improve agent comfort and experience

Agent well-being is a decisive factor in customer satisfaction. Gartner revealed in a recent study that, for 86% of CX organizations, employee engagement is one of the main factors for improving customer experience. Cloud technology allows your agents to work from anywhere, by taking advantage of all the features of their contact center software. Equipped with a technology that allows them to be efficient while working under the most comfortable conditions, they are the greatest ambassadors of your brand. At the same time, managers access supervision tools in real-time to oversee both performance and motivation of teams working remotely or on-site.

Reason N°5 : Meet security needs thanks to CCaaS

Since personalization is a strong customer expectation, respect for data confidentiality and security is a critical challenge. Cloud contact center software offers the highest security levels, standardized across all your sites, with constant upgrades. By guaranteeing a continuously upgraded infrastructure, applications, and processes, the cloud is the best guarantee of your company’s compliance with constantly evolving regulations. The cloud is, quite simply, your greatest asset for maintaining your customers’ trust!

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Adopting a cloud model for your contact center software meets flexibility needs, for both customers and agents, by reducing costs and improving customer experience quality. As technologies change, customer service becomes digitalized, and companies face uncertainties, CCaaS solutions are the most fitting choice for guaranteeing the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

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