Contact Center Reporting

Exploit your data and improve your operating efficiency

With Vocalcom’s reporting solutions, leverage the data from your omnichannel contact center activity to ensure your success.

Make data-driven decisions to improve your performance

Vocalcom’s reports and dashboards provide powerful tools for analyzing trends. Gain a comprehensive view of your activity across all channels and make informed decisions to improve customer service performance, outbound call campaign impact and NPS satisfaction ratings.

Leverage data to support your decisions

Use the many performance indicators and trend analyses available in Vocalcom’s platform to manage your contact center activity and make the right decisions.

Track every aspect of your performance

Get a bird’s eye view of your customer service through analyses of your inbound and outbound interactions across all channels.

Take control of customer satisfaction

Track satisfaction and NPS ratings to improve the quality of your agents’ interactions and optimize customer satisfaction.

Analyze your KPIs on every channel

Provide your supervisors and managers with instant access to multiple KPIs and statistics to analyze past interactions across all channels. Give them the tools they need to improve customer service effectiveness through a simple web interface.

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Manage your NPS and customer satisfaction ratings

See how your satisfaction and NPS ratings evolve over time across all channels and build data-driven action plans to improve the quality of customer interactions.

Choose how to make the most of your data

Vocalcom makes it easy to manage your business with an open database model. Export all data in Excel, CSV or PDF format, or into a SQL database—automatically or via APIs—and integrate them into your business intelligence (BI) or workforce management (WFM) software.

Custom analyses

Scheduled reports

Schedule report generation so you have the data when you need it.

Standard reports

Choose from a wide variety of standard reports and activity dashboards.

Configurable reports

Adjust your reports’ formats and filters based on your needs.

Mass exports

Export your data for processing in your business intelligence tools.

Other capabilities


Supervise your contact center’s activity and your agents’ performance across all communication channels in real time with intuitive, customizable dashboards.

Quality Management

Improve customer service quality and your teams’ engagement with high-performing tools to capture, measure and manage the quality of agents’ work.

Satisfaction Surveys

Measure customer satisfaction and NPS instantaneously on each channel with customizable, easy-to-use satisfaction surveys.

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