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Improve the customer experience with smart routing of inbound contacts

No matter what interaction channel you use, Vocalcom’s automated call distribution (ACD) software directs inbound contacts to the most qualified agent available and lets you manage all of your contact center services.

Provide an exceptional customer experience (CX) with Vocalcom ACD Software

Whether your agents are working from home or in different offices, Vocalcom’s ACD intelligently directs inbound and outbound contacts to the right agent with the best skills. Customize your call queues and adjust the overflow rules for each of your services with our ACD software.

Route each contact to the right agent

With skills-based routing, ACD directs customers, on any communication channel, to the best available agent and improves your first call resolution rates.

Provide a personalized experience

Identify priority and VIP customers right away and direct them to your designated team to reduce their wait time and provide a high-quality experience.

React in real time

Adjust your ACD services and settings in just a few clicks with no need for IT support. React in real time and quickly improve customer satisfaction.

Route each customer to the best agent

With Vocalcom’s ACD, powerful automatic call distribution directs each contact to the most competent agent based on language skills, product knowledge, technical expertise, agent availability, and more. Improve interaction quality and customer satisfaction from the first call!


Benefit from omnichannel routing

Our ACD solution routes all customer interactions to a single interface for your agents, no matter which channel is used—phone, email, chat, text messaging, web, instant messaging or social media.

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Personalize your VIP customers' experience

Immediately identify your priority and VIP customers based on data from your IVR or CRM application. Shorten their wait time and connect them directly to the right team. Vocalcom’s ACD streamlines the customer experience and speeds up issue resolution.

Optimize customer satisfaction in real time

Analyze your KPIs on real-time dashboards and react quickly to the hold time, resolution time, number of people in the queue and more. Adjust your services in just a few clicks with the ACD’s admin console to improve customer experience: flow distribution, agent assignment, queues, overflow strategies, etc.

A powerful ACD for your contact center

Skill attribution, personalized queues, recording and automatic callback options, statistical tools, and more. A wealth of features to optimize management of your contact center, with Vocalcom ACD Software.

Agent skill management

Attribute up to 99 skills to each agent to benefit from enhanced automatic routing.

Queue personalization

Configure the messages, hours and overflow options for each of your services.

Voice and screen recording

Supervise your teams and handle any potential disputes with our native omnichannel recording tool.

Automatic callback

Boost customer satisfaction by automatically calling back customers who don't want to stay on hold.

Quality management

Improve your agents’ skills with listening, whispering and chat features.

Statistics and reports

Optimize your contact routing with reports on queue occupancy rate, wait time and more with our analytics tools.

Other capabilities


Personalize customer journeys and offer self-service voice options with a graphic, flexible IVR solution. No coding or IT skills needed!


Manage your inbound and outbound contacts across all communication channels – voice and digital – within a single platform.

Reporting & analytics

Benefit from powerful trend analysis tools to develop a 360° view of your activity across all channels and make decisions quickly.

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