Contact Center AI

Seize the potential of AI in your contact center

Integrate the latest automation and artificial intelligence technologies into your contact center to increase customer satisfaction, flatten call peaks and bring more intelligence to your interactions

Provide an exceptional customer experience thanks to artificial intelligence

Customer service quality is a key element of customer satisfaction. As customer journeys go online and points of contact multiply, companies have to create 24/7 self-service options for their customers and free up their agents to handle added-value interactions. Vocalcom’s solution is AI-ready—ready to integrate cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities into your contact center.

Chatbots & Voicebots

Cut costs and flatten peaks in demand while improving customer satisfaction. Vocalcom’s solution can easily be integrated with your chatbot or voicebot solutions to provide 24/7 effective self-service. At any time, you can direct the most complex conversations to an agent if human intervention is necessary.

Smart Pairing

Improve your first call resolution rates with intelligent routing of customer requests to the best agent, identified based on relational skills rather than technical ones only. Easily integrate Smart Pairing capabilities into your Vocalcom platform to improve customer satisfaction.

Offer 24/7 self-service

By providing quick answers to simple or repetitive questions, chatbots and voicebots improve customer satisfaction with 24/7 service while reducing your costs and allowing your agents to focus on more complex interactions. Chatbots that use artificial intelligence can proactively connect with your customers at the right moment when they’re on your website.


Choose more intelligent call routing

Transform the quality of agent-customer interactions with Smart Pairing solutions based on machine learning. When integrated into your Vocalcom contact center, they make it easy to select the agent with the right relational and behavioral skills based on the customer’s request and profile, through a self-refining machine learning process that improves over time.

Engage your customers with the latest Contact Center AI technologies
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