SMS Management

Keep the link with your customers and engage your prospects with SMS

With a 75% increase in interactions last year and a delay time of 4 minutes after reception, SMS is one of the most used and reactive channels for customers. Integrate this channel into your service and increase the efficiency of your contact center thanks to conversational SMS and notifications.

Engage in conversation instantly with your customers

Send the right message, at the right time, and respond to immediate needs in customer service thanks to SMS from a single interface. In this manner, you can respond to current customer issues and maintain a direct and ultra-personal relation with your customers thanks to SMS media.

SMS, a universal channel

Engage your customer base 100% thanks to SMS, the only promotional and relational medium 100% compatible with all phones. Using SMS, you are certain to reach all of your customers and prospects anywhere in the world during notification campaigns and conversations, even when your customers do not have internet access.

SMS, a trusted channel

SMS are sent from one of the most used customer tools. Whether it be to recover a debt payment, make a claim, or follow a delivery, SMS creates greater closeness in the relationship, thanks to short and immediate customer interactions.

SMS, a marketing channel

SMS is a perfect entry channel for all of your outbound campaigns, thanks to notifications. With open rates reaching 100%, you are basically sure to reach your targets and relay your messages.


Manage your activity peaks with SMS

Bring added value to your customer service and reduce the number of inbound calls by offering SMS to your customers. Give them the possibility to switch to a written channel when they expect agent availability. With Vocalcom, you can send a notification by SMS to your customer, with a link to a digital channel, to begin to handle his request while waiting for an agent to take the request by phone.

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Integrate your SMS natively into your CRM

Boost your outbound campaigns thanks to targeted SMS, by integrating your IVR into your industry applications. The Vocalcom omnichannel solution is fitted with a large range of CRM connectors that allow your agents to work from their CRM and understand customer history perfectly. They enjoy a 360° view of their final customers and a unified agent experience.


Follow the performance of the SMS channel easily

Vocalcom facilitates the monitoring of your agents’ performance and decision-making thanks to customizable, easily accessible dashboards and reporting. Quickly visualize the number of flows handled, the number of flows currently waiting, the percentage of SMS received, handled, or abandoned, positive messages…Analyze the activity of each agent on both inbound and outbound SMS campaigns and improve their performance over time.

Add an easy-to-use channel to your agents’ daily work

The omnichannel Vocalcom solution offers a 360° view to your customers on all channels, with a detailed history of each channel. In this manner, your agents can communicate via SMS with your customers without starting over at the first step and route these conversations to any other channel. Vocalcom SMS messaging offers features that facilitate the sending of SMS notifications and conversations, thanks to predefined templates, supported personalization, and powerful routing.

Contextual routing

Route your SMS in pure simplicity: Vocalcom SMS messaging distributes received SMS to your agents, according to their skill set and/or availability.

Personalization of interactions

The Vocalcom omnichannel contact center software solution sends an automatic message of receipt and supports the interactions of your agents via personalized response support and message templates according to your industry and need.

Word black list

Address all of your customers in the same manner, add written quality, and support your agents in the writing of SMS, especially by the management of a black list that itemizes—and blocks—unauthorized words.

User black list

Vocalcom supports you in the proper management of your relationship with your customers, thanks to a black list of users who should not be contacted. Automatically, all users signed up will no longer receive SMS notifications from you.

SLA Management

Vocalcom moves unhandled SMS messages to a priority queue, allowing you to respond to your customer questions and answers during allotted times.

Other channels

Social Media Channels and Instant Messaging

Be present where your customers are. The Vocalcom solution offers a large portfolio of social messaging applications, allowing your customers to contact you at any time, on the channel they prefer.


Increase the efficiency of your customer service and boost your outbound campaigns thanks to targeted and relevant emails. Vocalcom facilitates the management of your emails, by routing them in pull & push mode to the most competent agents available.

Live Chat

Give your customers the possibility to contact you, even outside of service hours, by offering chat on your website, by request or proactively.

Make the most of your SMS with Vocalcom
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