Transform your customer experience with AI

These days, consumers are used to receiving rapid responses. Web and online services development also increased competition between brands. It is therefore extremely important to offer a satisfying customer experience if you want to build customer loyalty.


To achieve this, more and more companies are opting for sophisticated IT solutions, such as those provided by Vocalcom Contact Centre. Artificial intelligence is also revolutionizing technology in this field!

Artificial intelligence for your Contact Centre

AI has rapidly become a must-have technology in recent years. This is hardly surprising, since we know that artificial intelligence offers a host of advantages to B2B and B2C companies.


In particular, AI is capable of taking on certain low value-added tasks completely independently. This means that agents can be redirected to more complex and essential tasks, while also saving time within the company. These benefits are then passed on to the customer experience, as the organization of sales or customer service teams is improved.

Chatbots and voicebots: a self-service solution

With the development of Artificial Intelligence, chatbots and voicebots are back in the spotlight. Recent developments in AI have breathed new life into these two computer technologies. Boosted by Artificial Intelligence and its advances, they can now provide satisfying responses to customers, all in an automated way.


Today, chatbots are being adopted by many companies as a way of providing clear and instant answers to customers. Available 24/7, chatbots perform an initial sorting of interactions. The most complex questions and complaints are redirected to the best qualified agents.


Voicebots, for their part, go even further, as they are able to respond orally to customers who use this service. Here again, it is Artificial Intelligence that brings the voicebots to life. This can be particularly useful for redirecting certain incoming calls. In this situation, waiting times can even be reduced, improving the customer experience.

Smart pairing: intelligent routing for your calls

With Contact Centre AI, you can also benefit from smart pairing. This “intelligent pairing” has also been made possible by the development of Artificial Intelligence. It is now capable of processing a large amount of data in real time to improve the work of customer service agents.


By analyzing a consumer’s complaint, and based on the qualities of each agent, AI is able to direct a customer’s call to the most appropriate person to respond within the department. In this way, consumers receive a satisfying response in no time, while the agents make full use of their skills.


From chatbots to smart pairing, Artificial Intelligence represents a major challenge for businesses, as it has a direct impact on the customer experience. By using this technology, we can respond quickly to consumer needs!

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