Contact Center Supervision

Improve your performance with real-time monitoring and decision-making tools

With real-time dashboards of your contact center activity, Vocalcom makes it easy to oversee agents’ performance and make decisions.

Supervise and optimize performance in real time

Take action quickly and effectively with intuitive, customizable supervision tools designed to optimize agents’ performance in real time across all channels.

Optimize your performance in real time across all channels

Using the real-time KPIs available across all channels, quickly adapt your processes to improve effectiveness and reach your goals.

Get information at a glance from a customizable interface

Facilitate rapid decision-making by customizing your indicators in intuitive dashboards and analyzing your teams’ activity over different channels.

Develop the quality of your agents’ work

Monitor your agents’ performance in real time to give them better feedback on the quality of their interactions and improve customer satisfaction.

Track your activity across all channels

The supervision interface provides a number of real-time indicators on inbound and outbound contacts across all channels: phone, email, text messages, web, chat, and social networks. All of your KPIs are visible in a single interface to facilitate decision-making and improve your performance: agent productivity, SLAs, NPS rating, queue occupancy, etc.

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Configure your environment for your needs

Vocalcom’s supervision solution provides more than 300 intuitive, graphic KPIs in the form of widgets, customizable based on your needs. Your supervisors can modify them and adjust them to create their own monitoring environment.

Improve your agents' effectiveness

Your ability to help your agents improve determines the quality and productivity of your contact center. Vocalcom’s supervision solution gives you all of the indicators you need to quickly undertake actions that improve the quality of agents’ work: discreet listening, whispering, conferencing, chat, recording, etc.

High-performance supervision tools

Alerts, measurements of customer satisfaction, conversation recording, wallboards, etc. With Vocalcom’s supervision tools, monitoring is simple and effective.  

Real-time alerts

Set up visual alerts for your key indicators—break time, number of calls in the queue, etc.

Customer satisfaction tracking

Measure customer satisfaction and NPS instantaneously using results from satisfaction surveys.

Voice and screen recording

Record customer interactions across all channels to track quality and protect yourself in case of a dispute. 

Wallboard mode

Share key indicators on the big screen to get your employees involved.

Other capabilities

Reporting & Analytics

Benefit from powerful trend analysis tools to develop a 360° view of your activity across all channels and make the right decisions quickly.

Quality Management

Improve customer service quality and your teams’ engagement with high-performing tools to capture, measure and manage the quality of agents’ work.

Satisfaction Surveys

Measure customer satisfaction and NPS instantaneously on each channel with customizable, easy-to-use satisfaction surveys.

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