IVR Interactive Voice Response

A powerful IVR solution that personalizes and streamlines customer journeys

Vocalcom’s IVR Studio adds intelligence and flexibility to the customer experience with self-service options and personalized journeys.

Personalize customer journeys with a powerful IVR

Efficient management of inbound calls is key to customer satisfaction. With Vocalcom’s Interactive Voice Response Studio, improve customer satisfaction and your brand’s image.

Easily create personalized customer journeys

With the intuitive IVR Studio graphic interface, it’s easy to create smart, personalized customer journeys.

Make self-service easier

Add 24/7 self-service options to your IVR to be available for your customers around the clock and improve customer satisfaction.

Optimize the customer experience in real time

In just a few clicks, update your IVR settings to reflect your new offers or context and better suit your customers’ needs.

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Limitless intuitive options with Vocalcom's IVR

With a “drag and drop” graphic interface, Vocalcom’s IVR Studio makes it easy to create menus and journeys tailored to your customers’ needs, whether simple or complex, by using contextual data from your CRM or business software.

Offer 24/7 self-service with voice technology

To improve customer satisfaction, add 24/7 self-service voice options to your IVR Studio: account review, bill payment, opening hours, FAQs, etc.

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React in real time

Adjust your settings and customer journeys in real time with our flexible and intuitive IVR Studio solution, based on analyses of your call statistics, IVR navigation or your specific context. Show your responsiveness and boost customer satisfaction!

A flexible and powerful IVR solution

Plug-and-play set-up, intuitive environment, many features—Vocalcom’s IVR Studio fulfills all of your needs from the simplest to the most complex.

Queue management

Cut hold time and improve customer satisfaction by distributing call flows efficiently.

Graphic interface

Modify customer journeys with an intuitive interface—no computer skills required.

CRM Integration

Integrate your IVR with your business software: CRM, ERP, online payment apps, voice recognition systems, etc.

Other capabilities


Automatically route inbound contacts to the most qualified agent available and make the most of an intuitive console to manage all of your contact center’s services.


Manage your inbound and outbound contacts across all communication channels—voice, email, text messaging, chat, web forms, social media—within a single platform.


Integrate your contact center solution with your CRM and your business applications to boost your productivity and give your customers a richer and more personalized experience.

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Engage your customers with a powerful IVR solution
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