Outbound call center software

Increase the contact rate of your outbound calls

Increase agent productivity and customer engagement with the most powerful predictive dialer on the market for your telesales, telemarketing and debt collection teams.

Transform your contact center into a profit center

Vocalcom’s outbound call center software provides a range of predictive dialing solutions for your outbound call campaigns that increase agent productivity, cut costs and ramp up sales figures. Business development, web lead callbacks, order tracking, dunning, appointment reminders, satisfaction surveys, new product information—make your activities more efficient with an easy-to-use interface.

Boost your contact rate

Increase your agents’ contact rate and productivity with Vocalcom’s automated dialer, available in preview, progressive or predictive mode.

Create campaigns in just a few clicks

Create your campaigns and upload your files with no need for computer skills. Our intuitive wizard guides you step by step as you deploy campaigns in just a few clicks.

Optimize your effectiveness in real time

Choose your call strategies and track your results with real-time dashboards and reports on agent and campaign performance.

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Triple your contact rate with Vocalcom Outbound call center software

With powerful predictive dialing algorithms, our outbound call center software determines the best call and callback strategy to increase the contact rate and reduce idle time for agents, based on phone number type, voicemail detection, number of callbacks, time of day and agents’ availability.


Choose your call strategy

Vocalcom’s outbound call center solution offers three automated dialing strategies that adapt to your objectives and your teams’ organization: preview, progressive or predictive. Its algorithms and intuitive interface will boost your productivity. You can use our call blending feature to merge customer callbacks into your outbound call campaigns.

Create call campaings in just a few clicks

Create campaigns and upload your call files automatically via our intuitive wizard with just a few clicks—no computer skills needed. Calls are placed automatically to numbers taken from a CSV file, your CRM, or your web leads, which can be integrated into your campaigns as you go. Improve your efficiency and your results!

Improve your campaigns' performance

Vocalcom’s outbound call center software includes all of our real-time supervision tools, reports and quality management features to increase your campaigns’ effectiveness and quickly impact your results. It easily integrates with your CRM application to facilitate personalized conversations.

Maximize your campaigns' impact on your results

Deploy impactful campaigns and reach your objectives with the rich features of Vocalcom’s outbound call center software and predictive dialing capabilities.

Preview mode

Share the customer file with your agent, who can decide when to place the call a personalized pitch.

Progressive mode

Manage your call file automatically and only show agents the useful files.

Predictive mode

Increase your contact rates with our predictive algorithms, which identify the best times for calls and callbacks.

Click-to-dial mode

Let agents use their own strategy to decide how to automatically call back the phone numbers from their client files.

Regulatory compliance

Guarantee compliance with local legislation for outbound calls (Bloctel, Ofcom, TCPA, Procon, etc.) 

Script editor

Assist your agents with an integrated script editor to respond to objections and make your pitch efficiently.

Call recording

Check quality and agents’ training with our native tool for secure call recording.

Campaign creation wizard

Create campaigns easily and import your files with a wizard that guides you step by step through an intuitive interface.


Use powerful campaign analysis tools to measure your results, fine-tune your scripts and help your agents improve.

Quality Management

Help your agents improve call quality with our listening, whispering, chat and conferencing features as well as satisfaction surveys.

CRM integration

Integrate Vocalcom’s solution with your CRM or business software to get direct access to customer data and update them after each interaction.

Native Salesforce solution

Manage your outbound call campaigns from Salesforce with the Vocalcom Salesforce Edition solution, natively available in Salesforce.

Other capabilities

Reporting & Analytics

Benefit from powerful trend analysis tools to develop a 360° view of your activity across all channels and make the right decisions quickly.


Integrate your contact center solution with your CRM and your business applications to boost your productivity and give your customers a richer and more personalized experience.


Manage your inbound and outbound contacts across all communication channels—voice, email, text messaging, chat, web forms, social media—within a single platform.

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