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Digitalize the patient journey and offer premium service quality

Managing journeys in an optimal manner and offering assistance to patients has become a daily challenge that healthcare facilities can manage thanks to an omnichannel contact center solution like the one Vocalcom offers.

The healthcare industry has been facing tremendous digitalization these past few years. Patient needs have also evolved. They are looking for seamless journeys in which digitalization has taken an important role. However, they need to be guided in the best way possible, throughout their journey. As is the case for other services, patients wish to be able to choose the communication channel and time for an interaction.


Improve the patient experience thanks to personalized interactions

The subjects handled by customer service can be stressful. This is why patients need a human interaction with empathy from agents. Appointment scheduling, subscription management, follow-up for specific requests, medical imaging…so many concerns that agents must respond to efficiently while maintaining customer experience quality. The Vocalcom contact center solutions, available in the cloud and on-premise, allow you to support your patients at each step of their journey with personalized recommendations.



Engage patients on their preferred communication channel

Improve your patient relations thanks to an omnichannel contact center solution, in order to remain connected to them wherever they are. From a single platform, manage all of your interactions on all communication channels: phone, email, chat, SMS, web forms, instant messaging, and social media channels.

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Integrate your contact center into a CRM environment

In the healthcare industry, knowledge of the patient journey is essential in its follow-up. One must have access to data in a secure manner in order to be able to offer tailored interactions and offer key information.

Thanks to our multi-CRM connector, endow your CRM tool easily with the best features of the Vocalcom contact center solution. In this manner, you will no longer be restrained by the limits of your CRM and will be able to enjoy the power of a CCaaS solution in an environment dynamized by customer data. You will also be able to offer a seamless and personalized patient experience.


Follow the essential indicators of your business easily

The management of contact center and agent performance is a major tool for continuously improving the quality of conversations with patients and offering health professionals an optimal satisfaction level based on stringency, trust, and transparency. All of the dashboards integrated in the reporting tool will help you oversee the performance of your contact center and your agents. In this manner, you will maintain individualized performance follow-up for each agent and increase operational efficiency.

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