Contact Center Quality Management

Improve your agents’ performance and your customers’ experience

Your agents’ commitment is a key factor in customer satisfaction and in team stability. With Vocalcom’s Quality Management solutions, give managers the tools they need to understand each interaction and improve agents’ performance and customer satisfaction.

Manage customer experience quality with high quality management performance tools

With an agent-focused approach, Vocalcom offers a comprehensive quality management solution that captures, measures and manages the quality of your agents’ work. Reach new levels of customer service quality and strengthen your teams’ buy-in.

Capture each interaction

With Vocalcom’s quality management tools, get a comprehensive view of each customer interaction’s content and quality, over all communication channels.

Improve agents’ performance

Evaluate your agents’ effectiveness on multiple criteria and share actionable feedback with them in real time to improve the quality of their customer service.

Make quick, data-driven decisions

Manage the quality process from start to finish within a single easy-to-use tool with dashboards and reports that facilitate quick decision-making.

Get a complete view of agents' performance

Vocalcom’s quality management solution includes a suite of native tools designed to capture each customer interaction over all communication channels: call listening, call and screen recording, chat and email transcripts, real-time supervision, satisfaction surveys.

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Quickly identify opportunities for improvement

With customizable, easy-to-read evaluation forms, you can identify each agents’ strengths and weaknesses based on your specific criteria (politeness, speech quality, compliance with script, etc.) and define a quality improvement action plan for each interaction channel.


Increase your agents' engagement

With the many features included in Vocalcom’s Quality Management solution, your supervisors can support your agents in a variety of ways as they improve their skills: by whispering, listening, conferencing, communicating through chat, supervising, etc. Improve your customer service quality while boosting your team members’ engagement.

Take control over the quality of your customer relations

The Vocalcom contact center solution integrates all the native tools you need to provide exceptional service quality.

Voice and screen recording

Record all calls and conversations over digital channels with a secure, native recording tool.

Customizable evaluation forms

Choose the criteria to evaluate your agents on based on your business goals.

Satisfaction surveys and NPS scores

Evaluate customer satisfaction and measure the NPS at the end of each interaction, across all channels.

Integration CRM

Integrate your Vocalcom solution with leading CRM, WFM, WFO and Speech Analytics applications.

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Real-time supervision

Measure agents’ performance and customer satisfaction in real time.

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Reports and analyses

Track and analyze changes in quality and create plans for corrective action.

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Other capabilities

Satisfaction Surveys

Measure customer satisfaction and NPS instantaneously on each channel with customizable, easy-to-use satisfaction surveys.


Supervise your contact center’s activity and your agents’ performance across all communication channels in real time with intuitive, customizable dashboards.

Reports & Analytics

Benefit from powerful trend analysis tools to develop a 360° view of your activity across all channels and make the right decisions quickly.

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